Welcome students from Romania! 
Have a look, what you need to get accepted at one of our Bachelor's or Master's Degree Programmes at our university:

Entry Requirements


Diploma de Bacalaureat

Access if theoretic profile (profilul teoretic) is noted on the diploma. If not, the transcript (foaie matricola) has to be submit in addition. The specific requirements will be proofed (general/vocational education)  


Minimum required Diplomă de Licenţă, 3 or more years full-time, at least 180 ECTS, awarded in or after 2005
Diplomă de Licenţă, 4 or more years full-time, awarded before 2005 or no reference to ECTS credits 

Guide for Degree Seeking Students

Language Requirements

Applicants from abroad prove their proficiency in the language(s) of instruction at the time of their application. Depending on the degree programme, language certificates for German (at least B2) or English (B2, Toefl, IELTS certificate) must be presented. For attending the German Preparation Programme A2 Level is required.

International Foundation Programme

If you don't have yet the necessary (language) skills or miss sufficient credits in mathematics/phiysics/English for selected sudy degree porgrammes? The FH Upper Austria offers for those applicants an International Foundation Programme. Students will be enrolled as external students during the time of programme. This allows for obtaining visa and student residence permit.


You need no visa to come to Austria. If you have sufficient financial means to finance your stay in Austria and valid health insurance covering all the necessary costs, you only need a valid travel document (passport or identity card) for entry to and residence in Austria. If you are going to stay in Austria for more than 3 months you have to register with the competent municipal authority (Magistrat, Bezirkshauptmannschaft) within 4 months of your stay.

Please contact the Austrian Embassy in Bucharest to find out more.

What our Students from Romania say...

Rares IrimiaStudent Ambassador

Nationality: ROMANIAN
Languages: Romanian, German, English

I am Rares, a citizen of the world, my native country is Romania and I am now located in Wels, Austria. I am currently enrolled as a bachelor student in the electrical engineering program at the Wels campus.  The University of Applied Sciences of Upper Austria Wels offered me the unique opportunity of both studying in a very welcome and international environment and participating in extracurricular activities with people from all around the Globe. The study program helped me gain both theoretical knowledge and practical experience which I consider one of the best approaches for studying a field in-depth. I enjoy travelling, playing sports and getting to know people with different cultural backgrounds. I am more than happy to share my experience with people willing to join the university and I highly recommend it. If you have any questions about accommodation or the study program feel free to message me!  Let’s get in contact!

Kristina-Teodora from BucharestStudying Innovation & Product Management (MSc)

I’m studying at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria because it is a place where students are encouraged to be creative and think outside the box. I’m studying Innovation & Production Management, specializing in Product Concept Design, because it is the place where people from such different cultures and professional backgrounds meet and work together in order to come up with the most exciting product concepts!
Studiez la Universitatea de Ştiinte Aplicate din Austria Superioară deoarece este locul unde studenții sunt încurajați să fie creativi și să gândească outside the box. 
Studiez Inovație și Management de Produs, specializarea Design de Concept deoarece aici se întâlnesc la un loc studenți din diverse colțuri ale lumii, precum și din domenii diferite, cu scopul de a realiza împreună cele mai interesante concepte de produs!