Welcome students from China!
Have a look, what you need to get accepted at one of our Bachelor's or Master's Degree Programmes at our universtiy:

Entry Requirements


Option 1 
Gao Kao qualification (11 years), confirmation of studying at regular Chinese University (2,5 years, benke-niveau)

Option 2 
Gao Kao qualification (12 years), confirmation of studying at regular Chinese University (1,5 years, benke-niveau)

Option 3
Gao Kao qualification (12 years) and confirmation of studying at a 211 University (1 semester, benke-niveau)

Option 4
Gao Kao qualification (11 years), confirmation of studying at  a 211 University (1,5 years, benke-niveau)

Option 5 
Graduation Junior College, only if 3 years full-time and Institution recognised


Bachelor Degree 学士学位
Awarded according to the Regulations Concerning Academic Degrees in the People’s Republic of China (
4 or more years full-time, awarded after 1981 and APS certificate

Language Requirements

Applicants from abroad prove their proficiency in the language(s) of instruction at the time of their application. Depending on the degree programme, language certificates for German (at least B2) or English (B2, Toefl, IELTS certificate) must be presented. 

International Foundation Programme

If you don't have yet the necessary (language) skills or miss sufficient credits in mathematics/phiysics/English for selected sudy degree programmes? The FH Upper Austria offers for those applicants and an <link en study foundation-programmes international-foundation-programme>International Foundation Programme. Students will be enrolled as external students during the time of programme. This allows for obtaining visa and student residence permit.


It is your responsibility as a student to take care of visa arrangements. As soon as you receive your Letter of Acceptance, please get an appointment at the Austrian embassy in Beijing. If you intend to stay for one semester only, it is sufficient to apply for a Visa D (for stays up to 6 month). Degree-seeking students apply for a Residence Permit (for stays of more than 6 months) right from the beginning. Usually embassies require you to bring additional documents such as proof of health insurance, proof of accommodation and a financial statement. 

Please contact the Austrian Embassy in Beijing to find out more:

Austrian Embassy Beijing
Address: Jianguomenwai, 5, Xiushui Nanjie
( 奥地利使馆,建国门外秀水南街5号)
100600 Beijing, Republic of China 
Tel: +86 10 6532-9869 und +86 10 6532-9879
Telefax: +86 10 6532-1505
Email: peking-ob(at)