Useful Information

Entry to Upper Austria

Before travelling to Austria please bear in mind the legal regulations pertaining to foreign nationals regarding visas and residence permits (student). After arriving in Austria you have to fulfill the regulations and register yourself at your place of residence within 3 days after your arrival in Ausria.

The Database Entry and Residence for Students and Researchers will help you to find the right visa or residence title for you. Please start your query and select the button that applies to you. 

Due to the measures taken to avoid a further spread of COVID-19 applications for the renewal or the change of purpose of the residence title have to be filed by mail or email at the competent residence authority.

Information for OeAD scholarship holders

Financial Matters

Tuition Fees

The University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria charges tuition fees for Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes as follows:

EU/EEA citizens*: EUR 363.36 per semester (plus 20,70€ Austrian Student Union fee)  
Citizens from non-EU/EEA countries**: EUR 726.72 per semester (plus 20,70€ Austrian Student Union fee)   

Merit-based scholarships are available. 

* Tuition fees for citizens from EU and EEA countries apply to:

** Tuition fees for citizens from EU and EEA countries apply to:
Third-country nationals not subject to the ordinance governing the admission of certain groups of potential students

Please note: Exchange students are exempt from tuition fees!

Cost of Living

The costs for accommodation vary according to the city in which the school is located. Of course the cost of living depends also very much on your personal life style. In average you must calculate appr. EUR 600 - EUR 850 per month.

For example:

Accommodation incl. heating & electricity EUR 250-450
Food EUR 220
Public transport EUR 20
Study & personal requirements EUR 70
Health insurance ca. EUR 60

Grants & Scholarships
Information about possible grants and scholarships can be found at is Austria's biggest online database for scholarships and research grants for all academic areas.

Outgoing FH Upper Austria students click here for further information about Erasmus+ and IPS scholarships. 

Health Insurance

National Health Insurance
Austria has a good public national insurance system with local public providers (Gebietskrankenkassen) in all nine federal states. Under certain conditions foreign national insurance carriers cover the costs for medical treatment of acute illness in Austria. Therefore we recommend you to contact your health insurance provider in your home country and enquire about this and if available, procure the necessary forms from them.

If you are a student or visiting researcher from an EU/EEA country or Switzerland and are in possession of valid national health insurance in your home country, you need the European Health Insurance Card. This card is issued by your health insurance provider.

Bachelor's or Master's Degree students as well students of Preparation Programmes who do not fall into the above-mentioned categories may themselves take out a health insurance policy ("Studierendenselbstversicherung") with the relevant Gebietskrankenkasse. 

Self-insured students have to pay an insurance fee of EUR 57 per month at the moment. 

Services for Students

Student Recruiting
Agent for student recruiting in Turkey:

B&B International
Address: GOP Mah. Iran Cad. No:21/309 Karum Is Merkezi A Blok 2.kat Cankaya Ankara 06680 Turkey

Mr. Bahadir Basol (Communications in German and Turkish)
E-Mail: Mobile: +90 532 211 0264

Mr.Bora Basol (Communications in German and Turkish)
E-Mail: Mobile: +90 530 789 9740

Welcome2Upper Austria Service Center

The Welcome2Upper Austria Service Center is an initiative of the Upper Austrian Business Agency, as part of the Network Human Resources, to support companies staffing internationally as well as to assist foreign students with the settling in process in Upper Austria.

Therefore, the Welcome2Upper Austria Service Center offers comprehensive information that covers everything from preparing and undertaking the move, to adjusting and feeling at home in Upper Austria.

Company Service

  • Consultation and assistance regarding all questions relating to a professional and private start in Upper Austria
  • Information material (i.e. pocket guides, fact sheets)
  • Support in cooperation with authorities (contacts to major institutions)
  • Networking and cooperation
  • Individual, tailor-made information regarding everyday life (i.e. residence permits, language classes, banking issues, mobility)
  • Workshops and events to introduce local conditions(i.e. social security, tax system, employment law)
  • Activities that encourage the development of a social network (i.e. day trips, social evenings)

For students reduced-price tickets for theatre, concerts and cinema are available. For further information please contact the ÖH (Student Union) of your School. 

Information is available from the FH sports team.

The STA-Travel offers reduced travel rates for students.  

Working in AustriaGainful Employment on Contract Basis

Students from EU countries can pursue gainful employment in Austria without a work permit.  Exception: Citizens of Croatia will need a work permit until the year 2020 (see below).

Students from non-EU countries who are in Austria on a student visa need a work permit to start gainful employment. This is tied to a number of preconditions: 

  • Max. 10 hours/week (undergraduates) /20 hours/week (graduate students) without labour market test
  • Exceeding those limits only subject to labour market test
  • Work permit must be obtained from AMS (Public Employment Service Austria) through employer prior to employment
  • For further information please refer to the following websites OeAD and AMS

Exceptions from Employment of Foreign Nationals Act not requiring Work Permit

  • Activities within the framework of exchange or research programmes of the EU
  • Activities in scientific teaching or research

 Special arrangements for voluntary work/internships

  • Internship: for projects/internships required in the curriculum no work permit is needed, a confirmation of notification is sufficient
  • Voluntary work: up to 3 months per calendar year without obligation to work and remuneration, a confirmation of notification is sufficient
  • Confirmation of notification sent to AMS (Public Employment Service Austria) by employer at least 2 weeks prior to start of occupation, costs app. € 20

 Students from non-EU countries in Austria on Visa D

  • The legitimacy of any type of employment (e.g. voluntary work, internship) must be applied for and noted on the visa by the authorities

Residence Permit Special Cases of Paid Employment

  • For employment not subject to the Employment for Foreign Nationals Act (teaching and research activities) instead of residence permit B for students without admission to university

Red-White-Red Card „Graduate“

  • For graduates of a master´s programme (or a diploma programme after the first diploma exam)
  • Prospective occupation matches education/training
  • Gross monthly salary at least 45% of maximum pensionable earnings according to §108 Abs. 3 ASVG (section 108, paragraph 3, General Social Insurance Act), plus special payments. In 2014, this was equal to € 1,998.
  • Employer declaration according to Employment of Foreign Nationals Act (AuslBG)
  • Application prior to expiration of residence permit/confirmation of search for employment at Immigration, Citizenship and Registry Offices
  • Temporary residence permit may be granted for up to 6 months for the purpose of finding employment (not the same as permanent residence permit!) as long as there is proof of financial means, health insurance and accommodation

Legal Basis

Employment of Foreign Nationals Act (Ausländerbeschäftigungsgesetz: AuslBG, version BGBl. I 78/2007) or condensed version in English.

Contact AMS

AMS OÖ Ausländerinnenfachzentrum,
Tel: +43/732/6963-0,
Fax: +43/732/6963-20990,