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Pascal (25) exchange semesters in Spain, Sweden, Germany

Studying in the Secure Information Systems Master´s programme

In principle, I wanted to experience different cultures and to make new friends from many different regions of the world. Besides, travelling allows you to get to know different landscapes. Nature in all its various forms and facets was my primary motivation. These remain the most remarkable impressions of my trips. Another unforgettable memory is my relationship with a French student in Sweden. I can honestly say that my international friendships have consistently influenced my take on things on many different levels.

In Sweden, I was impressed by the class sizes. Each course is offered without a minimum number of participants. In one of my courses, I had only 3 study colleagues. Generally, there is an egalitarian relationship between professors and students, but without losing the necessary respect. Every time I think back and remember the experience I was allowed to have, it fills me with great joy and puts a huge smile on my face. Looking back I can’t imagine my life without my study abroad experience, even though it was quite stressful as well.