Luciana Paione Oleszuk


Hi! I am Luciana from Argentina. I came to FH-Wels as an exchange student and I really liked the "Applied Sciences" concept from the University.

Every course is more hands-on, so you get to learn all the concepts in a very practical way. I extended my exchange semester for one more semester and got the opportunity to work in research and development project within the University and also to do an internship in a company. I took the courage to move definitely to Austria so, currently I am studying the last year of Food technology and Nutrition Bachelor’s program.

I am always happy to meet people from different cultures and all over the world, I think it opens my mind to connect with people with another background and pushes me out from my comfort zone. I would be really happy if I can help any student with the willing of studying in Wels. Feel free to message me! :)

Languages: Spanish, English, Italian, German

Courses: Food Technology and Nutrition