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Student Ambassadors Get information first-hand :)

Anushik Purushottam

Nationality: INDIAN
Languages: Hindi, English, German
E-Mail: student-ambassador@fh-ooe.at 
LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anushik-purushottam-24398675

Currently I am enrolled in German Preparation Programme at FH Upper Austria in Linz and then will pursue a Master's degree in Innovation and Product and Management at Wels Campus. My Master's course is in English but I wanted to learn German language before the start of my Master's degree programme.

I chose FH Upper Austria as it provides wonderful practical experience and there are plenty of job opportunities available here. I love to play sports and travel. I talk a lot and hence would be glad to talk to prospective students. I am happy to answer all your questions. 

Sergiy Tykhonov

Nationality: UKRAINE
Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, English
E-Mail: student-ambassador@fh-ooe.at 

My name is Sergiy, I am studying Innovation and Product Management at Wels Campus, and it is like a triathlon. Our program is focused on Design, Management and Engineering. Such a combination gives us a deep understanding of the way products should be introduced to the market, from the very first idea to its successful realization.
Upper Austria is the industrial heart of Austria. Studying here, we are in constant touch with local companies, and it gives us the opportunity to have experience in solving real life tasks. Furthermore, the geographic location of Austria, makes travelling throughout Europe really easy and convenient. If you have any question about life and study in Austria I would be delighted to help you.