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Student Ambassadors

This project is a young initiative of FH Upper Austria, aimed at facilitation of the application process to FH Upper Austria for international applicants. 

"As Student Ambassadors, we represent FH Upper Austria in our home country, and vice versa, stand for our country at the University. We are happy to share our own experiences, answer all your questions regarding studies, application process, visa-arrangement and everyday life. Our team at the moment is presented below. Feel free to contact us with any questions of our competence."
- your Student Ambassadors team :)

Iryna Onufriienko

Nationality: UKRAINIAN
Languages: Russian,Ukrainian,English,German
E-Mail: studentambassador.ukraine@fh-ooe.at
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/iryna-onufriienko/ 

I am in the second year GSM-Master student at the School of Management in Steyr. I have studied the last semester in the USA in the framework of my MBA Double-Degree Programme. It's been the 3rd year I am integrating into the Austrian culture. So, I know how important support is when one moves to a new country. And I am here to provide the newcomers and prospective students with help and pieces of advice throughout your application process and further preparation. I like travelling, meeting new people, cultures and stepping out of the comfort zone. I practice yoga and cook a lot (as most of the international students here). If you feel like becoming a part of the Austrian student community, don't hesitate to ask me any questions. I will be happy to help!

Roman Dragalev

Nationality: RUSSIAN
Languages: Russian, English, German
E-Mail: student-amabassador@fh-ooe.at
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/roman-dragalev-84b378b0 

Hi guys! I am in my 3rd semester of the AMM Master Program (Automotive Mechatronics and Management) at Campus Wels. I graduated from Russian State Agriculture University n.a. K.A. Timiryazev in 2015 as a mechanical engineer. During my study, I did an exchange semester at Hohenheim University, Stuttgart studying agriculture and the economy of agriculture. Then I worked for 3,5 years for an Austrian company (that is how I ran into FH Wels) traveling the world and gaining practical experience. After a while, I decided that I want more education and left my company. 
AMM program turned out to be exactly as I wanted: 18 people from 11 countries from all over the world, making my time at FH extremely diverse and fun. The outstanding cooperation with local companies (for most of them exporting rate is about 80-90%) gives an incredible opportunity to get internships in, actually, any company you wish.
Now, as I have become a student ambassador, I will be glad to share my experience, which may help you to make the right decision about your future studies at FH Upper Austria.

Danina Takaj

Nationality: ALBANIAN
Languages: Albanian, English, French
E-Mail: student-amabassador@fh-ooe.attakaj.danina@gmail.com

Hello! I am Danina, currently enrolled as second year, GSM Master Student at the School of Management in Steyr. Previously, I have studied in my home country where I earned a Bachelor and Master degree in Finance. As a seeker of new and challenging experiences I chose University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria to begin my new international journey.
The Global Sales & Marketing Program not only provides me with theoretical and practical knowledge, but also with valid examples from the industry revealed by our professors. What I appreciate most about this study program is the fact of being a multicultural environment and the opportunity it offers to go abroad for exchange semesters. Furthermore, we all want to get employed after studies so it is crucial to mention that this university has a strong network with national and international businesses and they support us by offering many internships and job opportunities.
I enjoy meeting new people and I would be more than happy to share my experiences and offer my support for the new coming students. So please if you have questions concerning the studies in FH ÖO, application process and other details, I am here to help you!

Teoman Orcun Turkmen

Nationality: TURKISH
Languages: Turkish, English
E-Mail: student-ambassador@fh-ooe.at 
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/teoman-or%C3%A7un-t%C3%BCrkmen-b581118a/

Hello! I am Teo, currently enrolled in IPM Master’s Degree in FH-Wels. I was working in FH-Wels in 2014 as an intern under Erasmus Workplacement. Likewise, most of the exchange students here, I decided to come back for Master’s Degree. This university, its vibes and opportunities are unique. I also had an opportunity to work for FH in an education fair in Turkey. There I understood how good I know FH and how important it is for other candidate students to gather information from someone walked in the same way. Thus, I decided to become a Student Ambassador to share my work and study experience with others.  

Anushik Purushottham

Nationality: INDIAN
Languages: Hindi, English, German
E-Mail: student-ambassador@fh-ooe.at 
LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anushik-purushottam-24398675

Currently I am enrolled in German Preparation Programme at FH Upper Austria in Linz and then will pursue a Master's degree in Innovation and Product and Management at Wels Campus. My Master's course is in English but I wanted to learn German language before the start of my Master's degree programme.

I chose FH Upper Austria as it provides wonderful practical experience and there are plenty of job opportunities available here. I love to play sports and travel. I talk a lot and hence would be glad to talk to prospective students. I am happy to answer all your questions. 

Ivan Nikolaev Tonchev

Nationality: BULGARIAN
Languages: Bulgarian, Russian, English, German
E-Mail: student-ambassador@fh-ooe.at 

My name is Ivan and I am currently enrolled as a GSM-Master student at the School of Management in Steyr, where I previously acquired my Bachelor of Arts as a GSM-Bachelor student. During my bachelor’s I studied for a semester in Moscow, where I pursued a Double Degree, made possible by the collaboration between the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria and Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. The University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria has provided me with a plethora of opportunities to expand my academic and intercultural knowledge through practical application of theoretical constructs via company projects, workshops, guest lectures, internships and the compulsory semester abroad. I am happy and excited to hear from prospective students that are interested in applying and I would like to provide as much support and advice as I can to ease that process. If you are interested or have any question, please get in touch with me. Let’s talk!

Stephanie Gastelbondo C.

Nationality: COLOMBIAN
Languages: English, German, Spanish
E-Mail: student-ambassador@fh-ooe.at 

I am Stephanie and I come from Colombia. The Global Sales and International Marketing Master at FH OÖ has given me theoretical tools and a practical approach among the Austrian and German markets. It has also shown me the different kind of businesses make this a progress area (their good practices, social commitment, commercial connections, and long-term reliable relations), as well as trained me to find solutions during the development of the economic activity of an enterprise, with a top focus in Sales and Marketing strategies.To be part of the International second-year Master students group at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, encourages me to accomplish one of my goals by coming to Austria, and it is to enhance my career by working for a sustainable, responsible and international company located in Europe, and I am highly motivated to do so. And of course, the university support us during the application process, as well as promote or provide job opportunities.

Issa Elatrash

Nationality: JORDANIAN
Languages: Arabic, English
E-Mail: student-ambassador@fh-ooe.at 

I am a student in FH Wels, currently studying Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering, something I have been very passionate about.I firmly believe that Electrical Engineering is the very cornerstone of our future, being one of the most valuable elements of our advancement as a species. The field offers a lot of potential for graduates in both the job market, especially here in Austria, since many big companies have high demand for electrical engineers and the innovative/creative horizons which are infinitely expanding as we lean more and more on daily bases towards clean electrical energy.I enjoy reading books specially those related to psychology, and travelling- something, which Austria provides plenty of, in terms of the extraordinarily beautiful nature, cities and near-by countries that, one can visit. If you do have any questions regarding life here in Austria as a student, or the EE program I will be more than happy to help.

Lykheang Cheng

Nationality: CAMBODIAN
Languages: Khmer, English, French, German
E-Mail: student-ambassador@fh-ooe.at 

My name is Lykheang, I am enrolled in the International Foundation programme (IFP) at FH Upper Austria (FH OÖ) in Wels and then I will pursue a bachelor’s degree in Media technology and design at Hagenberg Campus. Our IFP is totally in English and quite oriented with a lot of practise. Students receive advice from experienced professors. Moreover, students have many advantages such as learning German language, learning from many cultures, learning about Austrian Culture in intercultural course.I strongly suggest FH Upper Austria, because here students receive the knowledge of what industries need as a technical worker and manager. In addition, there is an annual career fair; this chance lets students meet the employers in the field. I really like to share my experience in FH Upper Austria. Thus, if you have questions concerning about the programme, feel free to contact me.

Aida Aidarova

Languages: English, Russian, Turkish, Kazakh, German
E-mail: student-ambassador@fh-ooe.at 

After visiting one of the university fairs back home, I came across this small red stand with couple of people and in 10 minutes, FH Steyr was the university I wanted to be in. Now, Austria is my second home, I am enrolled as a GSM-Bachelors student in FH Steyr and this is my last year of studies. I had two wonderful internships during my studies, gained practical experience and learned from professors that have strong business backgrounds. Although both of my parents are from Kazakhstan, I was born and raised in Istanbul. I grew up embracing both Kazakh and Turkish culture albeit Turkish culture is always closer to my heart. I personally really like networking and I am nearly always available so please don’t hesitate to ask even the smallest questions. As student ambassadors, it is our pleasure to help you as much as possible!

Miklos Hervoly

Nationality: HUNGARIAN
Languages: Hungarian, English
E-Mail: student-amabassador@fh-ooe.at

Hey! I'm Miklos from Budapest, Hungary and currently studying Electrical Engineering at FH Wels. I'm doing third and final year in the Bachelor Programme.
I've done one year in Software Engineering at Budapest University of Technology before starting my studies in Wels, therefore I have some first-hand experience in the process of switching universities and countries, the ups and downs, all the difficulties one could face.
I moved to Wels and started my studies in 2017 and these past years have been the most interesting for me. Since our programme is totally international, I got to meet a lot of new people and different cultures. Our programme is mostly specialized on high voltage engineering, which makes the whole study even more fascinating.
Over a short period of time our class became a team, helping each other out and organizing everything together, which I think is necessary for everyone who just moved to a completely new country all alone.
Hence I decided to become a Student Ambassador to share my experiences with you and help you as much as needed. Please feel free to ask me anything that comes to your mind!

Quang Pham

Nationality: VIETNAMESE
Languages: Vietnamese and English
E-Mail: student-ambassador@fh-ooe.at 

My name is Quang, a third-semester Master student at University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria in Steyr, majored in Global Sales & Marketing. Not in my wildest dream did I think that one day I'd be living and studying in the heart of Europe.The Global Sales & Marketing Programme not provides me insightful knowledge but also hands-on experience about effective sales and marketing strategies particularly for industrial and advanced technology sectors. Moreover, what I treasured most from the program is the international opportunities for which students are highly encouraged to do their semester exchange overseas. Here students can easily gain access to a wide network of University partners all over the world. Personally, I did my semester exchange in Wisconsin, United States and it was an unbelievable time.Within few years of work and studying in such highly international environment, I am more than willing to share some experience and facilitate you for your upcoming adventures.

Dicle Yilmaz

Nationality: TURKISH
Languages: Turkish, English
E-Mail: student-ambassador@fh-ooe.at 

I am a Mobile Computing Master student from Turkey. After spending my entire years in Turkey for working and studying I told myself that it is time to change somethings and hence I decided to experience abroad and come to Austria. I will approximately spend my 2 years at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria and to be honest, I am very glad and happy that I did this. Every day is productive. The people called Hagenberg as the Silicon Valley of Austria and is totally correct! Every day, I am learning something new, the professors and the students are very open to study together and they help you to bring amazing projects into life. They are always there for you to get help when needed, you never feel alone here. - Especially after working 4 years, I never imagined that going back to study will be that fun. If you are ready to change somethings in your life like I did by choosing to study here-don't hesitate - let's get in touch!

Rosemary Josy Poovattil

Nationality: INDIAN
Languages: English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil
E-Mail: student-ambassador@fh-ooe.at 

I am currently pursuing my masters in Energy Informatics at FH Upper Austria, Hagenberg. On completion of this masters I want to be a part of the evolving energy market, as I believe that it is a thriving research area within the IT community. I enjoy studying at FH Upper Austria as the curriculum incorporate both theoretical and practical knowledge. Various industrial visits and lecturers from the industry keep you updated on the current markets and trends. Thus, at FH Upper Austria you get to study, experience and experiment.Austria is a country with a wide range of opportunity in the field of both IT and Energy and thus it has proven to be the best choice for me so far. I have enjoyed every moment of my 1.5 years in this beautiful country. Being in Central Europe, it is the best place for people who love to travel and explore. So, if you are an enthusiast who wish to be a part of FH Upper Austria, do not hesitate to contact me, I will be more than happy to help you!

Peter Sprince

Nationality: INDIAN
Languages: English, Tamil and German
E-Mail: student-ambassador@fh-ooe.at 

I am pursuing masters in Automotive Mechatronics and Management at Wels campus. I am doing internship at BRP Rotax, as it is a part of the study program. This mix of both Industrial experience and lectures makes this course unique. The course is designed to fit the current requirements of industries. Being a part of competitions like Audi Autonomous Driving Cup challenge increases the practical exposure on the field of studies.In addition to the course, the University offers scholarship to attend competitions like European Innovation Academy, which increases the exposure of the students in International business.

Bettina Török

Nationality: HUNGARIAN
Languages: Hungarian, English, German
E-Mail: student-ambassador@fh-ooe.at

My name is Bettina and I am a second year Master student in Global Sales and Marketing at FH Upper Austria in Steyr. I chose FH Upper Austria because of its international approach, the possibility to pursue my Master studies in English as well as the opportunity to spend my exchange semester in Germany, where I could further improve my German skills. During my studies here, I gained lots of valuable practical experience and knowledge thanks to the international team projects and broad variety of courses. I love travelling and getting to know new cultures and other people, and I am happy to answer your questions.

Daniel Louback

Nationality: BRAZILIAN
Languages: Portuguese, English
E-Mail: students-ambassador@fh-ooe.at 

Hi, my name is Daniel and I am currently enrolled in the Master Degree Program in Automotive Mechatronics and Management at FH Upper Austria in Wels. The course offers a great combination of theoretical background aligned with practical insights which I believe opens a wide-range of opportunities for students during and after the course. In regards to recreation, the city of Wels is a great fit for outdoor activities; for example, there are many options for trails to be done alongside the river or even go kayaking down the Traun River. Therefore, I definitely recommend the course, university and the city for those who are considering coming here.

Kristina Klochenko

Nationality: RUSSIAN
Languages: Russian, English, German
Email: student-amabassador@fh-ooe.at
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kristina-klochenko-58021aa1/

Hello! I’m Kristina, currently studying in the last year of bachelor’s degree pogramme Global Sales and Marketing. I decided to come to Austria because I was always fascinated by the beauty of the nature, plus Austria is known for a high quality education.FH Upper Austria was a perfect match as it was a price affordable option, offering an interesting study programme taught entirely in English language with a focus on practical application of gained knowledge. Put these factors together, I was excited to be a student here and I can surely say I’ve made a good choice!I am an ambassador because I know how important it is to get support and fast answers from students who have already gone through the whole application and adjustment to Austrian life process. I am here to help you and answer questions related to studies and life in Austria!Don’t be lost, just ask questions =)

Rares Irimia

Nationality: ROMANIAN
Languages: Romanian, German, English
E-Mail: student-ambassador@fh-ooe.at 

I am Rares, a citizen of the world, my native country is Romania and I am now located in Wels, Austria. I am currently enrolled as a bachelor student in the electrical engineering program at the Wels campus.  The University of Applied Sciences of Upper Austria Wels offered me the unique opportunity of both studying in a very welcome and international environment and participating in extracurricular activities with people from all around the Globe. The study program helped me gain both theoretical knowledge and practical experience which I consider one of the best approaches for studying a field in-depth. I enjoy travelling, playing sports and getting to know people with different cultural backgrounds. I am more than happy to share my experience with people willing to join the university and I highly recommend it. If you have any questions about accommodation or the study program feel free to message me!  Let’s get in contact!

Adenike Jessica Adedapo

Nationality: BRITISH and AUSTRIAN
Languages: English, German, Italian
E-Mail: student-ambassador@fh-ooe.at
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adenike-jessica-adedapo-8aa9b6146/

I am pursuing a double-degree programme, namely a Bachelor’s degree in Global Sales and Marketing (GSM) at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria on the campus in Steyr and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management at the Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Finland. The GSM course is entirely in English. It provides students with the practical and theoretical knowledge they will need to work in the field of sales or marketing. Annual compulsory internships enable students to put the learnt into practise. The GSM programme helps students thrive by offering a simulating study environment in which they work together on challenging and exiting projects, form study groups and help one another out. The Professors are approachable and happy to provide guidance and support. I grew up in the UK, Germany, Austria and for the most part in Italy. I enjoy travelling and discovering new cities and sights. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me. I am happy to help!

Chirantha Peramunage

Nationality: Sri Lankan
Languages: English, Sinhala
Email: student-ambassador@fh-ooe.at
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/chirantha/ 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/chirantha.peramunage.3 

As an IT graduate, I always wanted to pursue my higher studies in a distinctive discipline. Energy Informatics Masters program at Hagenberg campus provided me with a unique opportunity to discover the world of engineering while strengthening my existing informatics skills. With the state-of-art research involvement and expertise gathered from the qualified lecturing panel, I'm quite confident to extend my career path as a knowledgable IT professional once I graduate. Also I’m currently working as a student research assistant at FH Hagenberg while pursuing my studies. I would highly recommend the top-notch, multicultural education experience I'm having here for any prospective student. It would be my pleasure to serve as a student ambassador and help to achieve your dreams as well.

Vladyslava Shcherb

Nationality: Ukrainian
Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English
E-Mail: student-ambassador@fh-ooe.at

Hey! My name is Vlada, and I am currently enrolled as a GSM Bachelor student at the FH Steyr. Previously I have completed International Foundation Program in Wels.Throughout my studying in both campuses I have learned a lot about University of Applied Science and those academic programs. Moving to Austria was not my first experience living abroad. I have spent one academic year in the US as an exchange student. It is my second year in Austria, and I am already familiar with some insights that might be helpful. I know how stressful and confusing it could be while you are searching for suitable university or degree. I would love to discuss my personal experience with you and answer all your questions.

Marko Zivanic

Nationality: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Languages: English, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian
E-Mail: student-ambassador@fh-ooe.at 

I am currently enrolled at  GSM-Master at the School of Management in Steyr. After finishing my bachelor's degree in Economics and working for two years I decided to expand knowledge. I decided on a master degree FH OO because it showed me an opportunity to expand my practical and theoretical knowledge at the same time.
I love to travel and to meet new people. If you have any questions about accommodation or the study program feel free to message me!  Let’s get in touch!

Sajish Manuel Abraham

Nationality: Indian 
Languages: Hindi, English, Malayalam 
Email: student-ambassador@fh-ooe.at 
Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/sajish-manuel-abraham-689a4b52/

Hi there, I am Sajish Manuel Abraham. I believe that I am a good artist with a creative and technical mindset. Currently, I am enrolled as a Bachelor student in the Electrical Engineering programme in FH Upper Austria, Wels. I have a very keen interest in the field of electricity, photovoltaic cell and energy storage systems because of its potential scope of application in the future. Since I have a great interest in Physics especially Electricity, I started studying Electrical Engineering in Austria.  Apart from studies I enjoy drawing and going sightseeing, I also enjoy doing sports especially basketball. If anyone is interested to learn about my programme or wants to chat about the University, or to meet me for any personal reason, you are free to message me at any time, I would be happy to help. 

Nayrana Daborer-Prado

Nationality: Brazilian 
Languages: Portuguese, English, German 
Email: student-ambassador@fh-ooe.at 
Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/nayrana-daborer-prado-2b47aab0/ 

I am in the last semester of the Master program in Sustainable Energy Systems (SES) at FH Upper Austria in Wels. The program is completely in English and what I liked most about it was that we had several laboratory classes, making possible to put in practice what was learned in the classes. Another positive point is that basically, all the professors have industry experience and give helpful insights about the job market, not only in Austria but in Europe in general. In my third semester I started to work at the Austria Solar Innovation Center (ASIC), which has an amazing work environment. At this job I could improve some of the knowledge that I acquired during the courses at the FH and have been gaining a valuable practical experience with renewable thermal storage systems. I am living in Austria for almost 2 years now and I am happy to say that I consider it my second home. The culture here is amazing and the country has the most beautiful landscapes, which can please those who wish to practice more radical sports like skiing, hiking or rock-climbing and also those who prefer more relaxed activities like chilling at the lakes. I love to know people from different cultures, so if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask, I will be glad to help.

Pasang Dorje Sherpa

Nationality: Nepal 
Languages: English 
Email: student-ambassador@fh-ooe.at 

Hello! My name is Pasang Dorje Sherpa, and I'm from Nepal, the home of the Himalayas. I am currently enrolled in the Electrical Engineering program at FH Campus Wels. My time here has truly been a unique experience. Studying at the FH has proved as a gateway for me to focus on not just the technical and theoretical aspects of academics but also create a diverse and international network of friends and colleagues. Being situated in the centre of Europe studying at the FH has further encouraged me to follow my passion of exploring and indulging in different cultures. I would love to meet new people and share my culture while at the same time learning about yours. I would be more than happy to help you all out with settling in Austria and show you around the best spots. One of my favorite to-do things is going swimming in the Traun river in the freezing cold of winter.
I am always open and keen towards meeting new people. Feel free to reach out!