European Innovation Academy 2023

Are you interested in starting your own business, or learning more about what it takes to be an innovative entrepreneur? You can be a part of the 2023 European Innovation Academy (EIA) held in Porto, Portugal from July 16th trough August 4th, 2023 ( Three weeks of progressive workshops and fun activities aimed at improving your skills in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Think of it as "American Idol" for entrepreneurs; 500 participants propose ideas, teams are formed (multidisciplinary teams – business, IT, design, marketing) and each team turns its idea into a real startup in 3 weeks. This process of experiential learning is a competition in which high-performing teams win seed funding, free legal counsel, and more. This video really captures the experience that participants and our university partners are sharing.

FH OÖ Grant

If you have a business idea that you would like to propose representing the FH Upper Austria, make sure to do so soon. There will be a FH Upper Austria-wide competition and the top 2 ideas will receive financial support covering fee and accommodation! More details can be found here!

The European Innovation Academy will be hosting over 50 guest speakers to educate and motivate you to achieve your business goals. Week 1 consists of creativity and idea generation, week 2 is about developing your business model, and week 3 is about how to promote and pitch your business ideas. Along with 3 weeks of exciting speakers and workshops, optional weekend social events will be held in Monaco, Cannes, and Corsica. Students will receive 6 ECTS for participation in the Academy.

European Innovation Academy – place to invent your future!

European Innovation Academy (EIA) is the most influential three-week summer program for highly motivated students worldwide. During the program, students will develop the skills needed to turn an innovative idea into a successful start-up. During the summer 2014, 80 high level start-ups will be born in Academy program. All start-ups compete for the prize money and internationally recognized VC attention. All together there will be 350 students from 50 different nationalities.

“European Innovation Academy is a Super Idol for start-ups”
Luke Kim, Alumni of EIA2013

EIA is strongly focused on ICT related applications (e.g mobile applications, internet of things, big data, cloud computing). EIA hosts students from bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral level. The program of EIA has been developed in co-operation with industrial partners such as Microsoft, Samsung, Google and Amadeus.

“What you all created for me this summer was a safe space for experimentation, exploration, failure, innovation, and it quickly became the most genuine learning experience of my adult life so far. Three months after this program had ended, I still think about it (and probably talk about it) on a daily basis. The experiences I had at EIA 2013 offered serious challenges that have made me more aware of the world and more insightful about myself. All of this wrapped up in the context of a beautiful and technologically open society gave a glimmer of hope to where the world can go with the right technological advancement.”
Erika White, Alumni of EIA2013

The program develops students critical skills that enables them to evaluate business opportunities, manage risks and learn from the failures. Participants will understand and apply fundamental aspects of entrepreneurial and technological thinking.

"The Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (CET) has trained and taught over 5000 entrepreneurship students at UC Berkeley for the past decade.  No program has been more impactful on our students than the EIA Summer Abroad.  Through the one month intensive program, we've transformed the careers paths of some of Berkeley's best undergraduates and EIA has quickly become one of the cornerstones of Berkeley's venerable entrepreneurship pedagogy."
Ken Singer, Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology at UC Berkeley

More information about the European Innovation Academy can be found at and on facebook