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Internationalisation Programme for StudentsIPS


Internationalisierungsprogramm für Studierende (IPS (LWLD-Wi/E-36)
Antrag auf Gewährung von Fördermitteln

IPS is a scholarship programme sponsored by the regional government of Upper Austria in collaboration with Upper Austrian universities mentioned in the guidelines. However, there is no legal right to a subsidy.

Who Gets Sponsored?

To be eligible, students must be residents of Upper Austria for at least a year and currently studying or have studied recently at an Upper Austrian university, e.g. the FH Upper Austria.

What Gets Sponsored?

Study and research stays, training courses, internships in countries where German is not the official language, but not language courses as such.

How Much Financial Support is There?

  • A maximum of EUR 100,-/month
  • Possible travel expenses: Europe: EUR 240,- max; outside Europe EUR 480,-
  • Upper limit: EUR 1,480.00/person

Requirements for Eligibility

  • Submission of complete application package 
  • Successful completion of at least two study semesters at the start of study abroad programme (excluding mandatory internships; for those, at least one semester must have been successfully completed)
  • Academic approval of application by submitting institution
  • A declaration of commitment on the part of the applicant to: complete the study abroad programme, training course or internship; in the case of a no-show, repay the entire scholarship (including travel expenses); in the case of a dropout, repay an appropriate portion of the scholarship (excluding travel expenses)

Within four weeks upon completion of the foreign assignment the applicant is obligated to submit a written report to the Business Department of the Regional Government of Upper Austria ("Abteilung Wirtschaft des Amtes der OÖ. Landesregierung"), including a confirmation of the completion of the foreign assignment specifying exact dates.

Length of Scholarship

Max. 10 months, min. 2 weeks

Submitting Institution

Submit application including all relevant documents to:

FH OÖ Management GmbH
University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria
zH Monika Teufel
Garnisonstrasse 21
4020 Linz/Austria
Tel.: +43 5 0804 54104
Fax: +43 5 0804 54199
E-Mail: ips@fh-ooe.at

Application Procedure

  • Completed application form (please complete using PC) 
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Letter of motivation and study or research plan 
  • Current registration of residence (indicating start of residency)
  • Transcript of records detailing coursework at FH Upper Austria 
  • Confirmation (no exceptions) of financial support granted by any other institution including confirmation letter or even the rejection of an application for financial support
  • A financial plan detailing travel and living expenses, tuition costs and intended coverage of these costs (e.g. scholarships, travel allowances, personal funds, loans), please complete using PC 
  • Confirmation from the receiving institution detailing length and viability of planned project (not applicable in the case of exchange programmes), including:
    • Internships: trainee contract including job description
    • Postgraduate: course list including course descriptions

Submission Deadlines

It is possible to submit applications at any time, but applications must be submitted before the beginning of the foreign assignment. IPS applications will be collected and reviewed four times a year.