Hagenberg CampusInformatics, Communications and Media

Library Regulations

The library is accessible for all members of the UAS Upper Austria. Electronic resources can be accessed from all computers within the campus network. Further information: 1.9 Electronic resources - terms of use.

1.1. Contact, opening hours, OPAC



Mag.a Susanna Mersits, Phone 050804 24020

Christa Meisinger, Phone: 050804 21522



For the opening hours please visit: https://www.fh-ooe.at/en/hagenberg-campus/study/library/

The library is closed during holiday times and in exceptional cases on prior notice.

OPAC: https://search-fho.obvsg.at

1.2 Conduct guidelines

Please leave your bags in the lockers near the entrance. Upon request, you may be expected to open your bag or backpack for inspection.

Facilities of the library should be used for studying purposes. Any misbehaviour that interferes with library service (e.g. eating, drinking, telephone conversations, listening to music) is prohibited. The library is not liable for the loss or damage to any property taken into the library.


Library users are responsible for obeying all copyright and ownership issues in regards to the duplication of media and other contents.

1.3 Checking out resources

Library materials may only be checked out in person with an official piece of identification. Library usage is free of charge for all members of the UAS Upper Austria.

Full-time staff of the School of Informatics, Communications and Media have unlimited access to library materials required for current teaching and research activities. If one of these materials is currently checked-out and needs to be accessed by a student, a request can be filed with the librarian.

Part-time staff may borrow materials until the end of the respective semester.

Access to the library for non-institutional members is decided on a case-by-case basis and requires a deposit.


Standard period of loan:

  • Books: two weeks, four weeks for master thesis students
  • Diploma theses: four weeks
  • DVDs, CD-ROMs: one week
  • Journals: one week

Maximum number of loans:

  • Standard: 10 resources
  • Master thesis student: 20 resources

1.4 Extension of loan period

If no reservation has been made for the material in question, the loan period can be extended for two additional weeks (or up to four weeks for master thesis students) provided that this is done before the due date. CD-ROMs, DVDs, diploma theses and journals cannot be extended.

Extensions of loan periods can be made via the online library catalogue under the option “Anmelden/Sign In”.

In special cases, library personnel may request borrowed items to be returned before the original due date.

1.5 Return

Resources have to be returned or the loan period has to be extended by the borrower prior to the due date – there are no reminders.

1.6 Late fee

A late fee of 10 cents per day and media will be charged. An extension of the loan period is no longer possible after it has expired.

1.7. Damage or loss of media

All library property must be treated with care.In the event a resource is damaged or lost, the library staff shall decide whether and in which form the media has to be replaced. The borrower will be charged for any extra costs. The Library assumes no liability for damages resulting from the use of the media provided.

1.8 Resource requests

Requests for resources can be done via OPAC. Users will be notified by e-mail as soon as the items become available. Requested items have to be collected within one week.

1.9 Electronic resources - terms of use

Please be aware that all databases licensed by UAS Upper Austria are restricted by copyright. Access to electronic full texts is restricted to all members of the UAS Upper Austria. Full texts may only be printed or downloaded for personal use or for research purposes. Systematic downloads of search results and full texts, particularly using robots, are not permitted. Full texts may not be made available to third persons in electronic or print form.

1.10 Inter library loan

Inter-library loan is exclusively reserved for members of the UAS Upper Austria. Conditions for inter-library loans (periods, lending possibilities) follow the guidelines of the supplying library. For inter-library loan orders among Austrian networked libraries, a fee of € 3.00 is charged; for inter-library loan orders outside Austrian networked libraries min € 10.00. For paper orders, the costs incurred are clarified in advance.

1.11 Release from liability after leave

If students officially leave the university for any reason (e.g. after graduation or dropping out) they will receive their certificates only after they have been released from liability, i.e. after all library resources have been returned.

1.12 Data Protection


The following personal data of our library users are processed: name, address, date of birth, telephone number, email address, gender, study programme/registration number, items borrowed/deadlines/fees, campus/location etc.. This is required for the administration of the library. Personal data is recorded in the library system and processed for the administration of media (procurement, borrowing, returns, reminders etc.).  The data are transferred to the Austrian Library Network and Service Ltd, Vienna/Austria (OBVSG), which hosts the library system.


We save personal data at least for the duration of your studies and/or your employment at the FH Upper Austria and for longer if necessary in accordance with point (f) of Article 6(1) of the GDPR, to enable us to access the relevant student/employee’s borrowing history to provide them with information. Personal data of external users are deleted 3 years after their last activity.

You can find further information – in particular concerning the rights of data subjects – in our Privacy Statement under https://www.fh-ooe.at/en/data-protection/.