PressReader gives FH Upper Austria students & staff access to more than 7,000 of the world's leading newspapers and magazines from a wide range of disciplines.
Examples: The Guardian, Newsweek, Der Standard, Die Presse, China Daily, etc.

The platform can only be accessed via this link by means of automatic forwarding to the registration with the FH OÖ account.
After a period of 7 days, a new registration is necessary.

Additional app access: After logging in with the FH OÖ account, a personal account can be set up (possible with any email). With this log-in, full access is also possible via the PressReader app.

Some features of Pressreader:

  • Direct translation into more than 18 languages
  • Sharing of articles
  • Listen to articles or entire issues in all available languages ​​with on-demand narration
  • Unlimited downloads