Hagenberg CampusInformatics, Communications and Media

Highly flexible curriculum

Supporting individual interests – this has always been one of our major goals. Only 12.5% of your courses are obligatory. Our students can individually define the remaining 87.5% in consultation with their personal academic advisor.

As a first step you define a main topic, on which you work in the context of projects and that leads you eventually to the topic of your Master’s thesis. You will get the necessary in-depth knowledge as a part of our course work.

To guarantee a wide range of knowledge in your education though, you have to select three main focus areas as a second step.
At least three different courses per main focus area have to be selected. You cannot only select courses offered by the department of Mobile Computing itself, but also courses offered by other study programmes on the campus or even lectures from other universities. Your personal academic advisor accompanies the selection process – this guarantees not only the appropriate content but also the quality of those courses.

You can find a description of the nine main focusareas here, as well as a detailed description of all the different courses. If you have any further questions about the curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact us.