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Mobile Communications has become the touchstone activity driving the most dynamic economic sectors worldwide over the last few years. It is a global business that thrives on innovation, and for which our students are intensively trained. Wide in-depth technical knowledge in the main focus areas equips our students with the proactive qualities that strengthen leadership and management positions, and will lead to high-flying careers.

If you take the conceptualisation of communications systems, the development of new interactive technologies for mobile phone applications, the design of a smart home environment or the implementation of new mobile services - there is hardly any area in which our graduates won't be able to thrive. 
Mobile apps are now an all-pervasive part of our daily lives, that's why you will be working in a highly dynamic environment with excellent career prospects. Among potential employers, keen on hiring our graduates, are not only mobile communication firms but also multinational corporations, small and middle-sized enterprises and innovative start-up ventures. Your future will start right around the corner, and has no limits from a global point of view.

Runtastic – A success story started in Hagenberg

runtastic With over 243 million downloads and 130+ million registered users, Runtastic is one of the world’s number one health and fitness apps. The successful company based in Linz, Austria, is best known for its flagship running & fitness app but offers a wide array of apps, hardware and services within the Runtastic portfolio.

In August 2015 the company announced a strategic partnership with adidas. The goal of the young, international team is to make everyone live a more conscious, active and therefore healthier, longer life with Runtastic.

The idea for Runtastic was born in 2009 during a college project and developed into the running app for leisure athletes by the four co-founders, René Giretzlehner, Florian Gschwandtner, Christian Kaar and Alfred Luger. Over the following years, a comprehensive portfolio has evolved to accompany and support the users at all times, night and day, on their journey to a better, healthier and more conscious lifestyle.

Butleroy – Four students and their butler

Butleroy Today it's becoming more and more a real challenge to efficiently plan our schedules. We all know the hassle of writing back and forth for hours, scanning our calendars again and again just tryingy to find a time slot that suits you and all of your friends. Butleroy, your personal butler helps you to get the most out of every day by personalizing your schedule and finding time for any event, even with your friends.

Butleroy offers an innovative concept which its founders Philipp Baldauf, Gregor Pichler, Philipp Jahoda and Simon Kapl already developed in the course of their master theses.

In 2017 when the app was introduced at the official SXSW Festivals in Texas it immediately made it into the top ten finalists of the event. Just the next day it got featured as as the most popular iOS app of the day on Product Hunt. This was only the beginning of a series of many more success stories which continues up to today.

Tractive – The GPS pet tracker for dogs and cats

TractiveTractive engaged in the development of hardware, gadgets and apps for pet owners. In addition to the Tractive GPS device for animals and the Tractive MOTION Activity Tracker, the company developed the animal photo platform Tractive Photos, which allows users to upload animal photos via free apps and share them with other animal lovers. Since its launch hundreds of thousands of photos have been uploaded and shared with the community. Other apps in the portfolio are Tractive Dog Walk, Pet BlaBla, Pet Battle and Petnames.

Tractive was founded in 2012 in Pasching, Austria, by three co-founders Michael Lettner, Michael Hurnaus und Michael Tschernuth after graduating from FH Upper Austria Campus Hagenberg. 

Fretello – Smart Practice for Guitar


Fretello is an app that helps users to learn how to play guitar to the level they know they can achieve. All that the users need are one guitar and 20 minutes a day.

Fretello’s comprehensive and unique guitar method assists users learn guitar faster, more effectively, and permanently. It creates individual exercise regimens that are tailored to users' specific needs, detects how they play, selects their optimal practicing tempo, and adapts dynamically to their progress.

Fretello was founded in 2016 by Florian Lettner und Wolfgang Damm. The idea was born during a study project at the FH Upper Austria Campus Hagenberg, while both of them were studying Mobile Computing.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider An IT Career

In February 2017 the Runtastic Insights Blog reported on the FH Upper Austria Alumni, about their learning and career development. For more information, please click here

"Computer software, mobile apps and intelligent machines have (and will continue to) become part of our daily life and we will need people in the background to invent, develop and market them. We are convinced that the sector is a great career opportunity for anybody with ambition, curiosity and the willingness to collaborate, and we know that with the right education you can make it to almost anywhere."