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Datareporter – KI-Modell für modernes Datenschutzmanagement

Die Zielsetzung des von der FH bearbeiteten Teils des Projekts ist die Entwicklung eines KI-Moduls zum Vereinfachen bzw. Automatisieren des Onboarding-Prozesses von Datenschutzmanagement-Systemen für Unternehmen.
Mar 2019 - Dec 2019    mehr

AutoWSD – Complexity Analysis of Automotive Windshield Displays

In contrast to desktop and mobile applications, there has been little research on graphical user interface design in the automotive domain so far – especially with respect to windshield displays (WSDs). Designers strive for an enjoyable user experience, and they put significant efforts into designing graphical user interfaces to be both usable and aesthetic. The goal of this dissertation project is to minimize the effort by automatically computing visual complexity metrics for WSD applications.
Jan 2019 - Dec 2021    mehr

Business Relationship Management App

In this project, the prototype of a business relationship management app will be developed. The app aims at supporting people in keeping their personal network up to date and getting a better overview of connections within the network.
Jan 2017 - Jan 2018    mehr

u'smile (User-friendly Secure Mobile Environments)

The goal of the Josef Ressel Center for User-friendly Secure Mobile Environments is the analysis of security issues in current and future mobile applications; the design, development, and evaluation of concepts, methods, protocols, and prototypical implementations for addressing them; and communication and co-ordination with industry partners and standardization organizations towards establishing globally accepted standards for secure, interoperable, mobile services.
Oct 2012 - Sep 2017    mehr

NiCE (Natural user Interfaces for Collaborative Environments)

Das Ziel dieses Projekts ist das Entwickeln von neuartigen Oberflächen, die innovative Interaktionsmöglichkeiten bieten. Die Anwendungsgebiete finden sich im alltäglichen Leben wieder (z.B. im Wohnzimmer, Konferenzraum etc.). Der Hauptfokus liegt auf neuen Interaktionsarten und dem Entwickeln entsprechender Hardware.
Aug 2008 - Dec 2012    mehr
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