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Testimonials Why study Energy Informatics?

We let our students and alumni share their opinions and stories about studying Energy Informatics at Hagenberg campus.

Our international Master’s programme welcomes students from all over the world, like Rosemary Josy Poovattil from Kerala, India. In the following video she gives a glimpse of her everyday student life, talks about how and why she came to pursue her studies here in Austria and what she likes most about it.

Andreas Sulzermeier
Energy Informatics student & software developer at Kreisel Electric

"During my Bachelor degree programme (Mobile Computing) I already got really interested in the special field of energy which I can now continue to pursue with the Master's programme Energy Informatics. Besides studying I’m working part-time as a software developer at Kreisel Electric. As classes are mostly only half-day there is enough time for work - it’s a perfect combination. While most companies are specialized in a particular topic, the study enables us to build up a solid and broad knowledge, which I can perfectly apply in my job. This is worth a lot because there aren’t many software developers who are well experienced in the field of energy. But also vice versa, I’m always getting to know new technologies at work which give me a better understanding of the subjects taught at university."

Chirantha Peramunage
Energy Informatics student, Sri Lanka

"As an IT graduate, I always wanted to pursue my higher studies in a distinctive discipline. Energy Informatics Master's program at Hagenberg campus provided me with a unique opportunity to discover the world of engineering while strengthening my existing informatics skills. With the state-of-art research involvement and expertise gathered from the qualified lecturing panel, I'm quite confident to extend my career path as a knowledgable IT professional once I graduate. I would highly recommend the top-notch, multicultural education experience I'm having at Hagenberg campus for any prospective student who wishes to obtain an outstanding education at a prestigious Austrian university."

Sergio Potenciano Menci
Energy Informatics graduate, Spain

"I studied Energy Informatics because our future is computer based. And where else could I get better IT knowledge than in Hagenberg? Energy Informatics is a unique and pioneering programme, which combines IT with specific knowledge on the energy domain. After finishing my studies I hope to become a 'new type' of energy engineer specialised in the fields of renewables, e-mobility and green technologies."


Pramod Guruvareddy
Energy Informatics graduate, India

"I’ve always been interested in pursuing a career in a field, where I can see the impact of computers on the human life. The Master’s degree programme in Energy Informatics, which covers topics like home automation, smart grids, SCADA and PLC, is the perfect opportunity for me to make my goal come true. The university’s teaching staff who possess both scholarly qualifications and industry expertise, provide excellent academic training. All my courses are well-structured and very interactive.”


Anastasiia Mishchenko
Energy Informatics student, Ukraine

"I chose Energy Informatics because I’m sure that this is our future. Renewable resources are a reality even now and from year to year the demand in this field will increase. The study programme is brand new and gives students a solid knowledge in the fields of IT and the energy domain, which makes them capable of being competitive and demanded employees in the future."


Osamah Al-Ghammari
Energy Informatics student, Yemen

"The master’s programme Energy Informatics opened my eyes to e-mobility, smart grids and renewable resources. I realized that there are many ways to reach more sustainable energy economy in a modern world. I personally really enjoyed the informative excursions to cutting-edge enterprises such as Kreisel Electric, Austrian Institute of Technology and Linz AG. Another important aspect of this master’s programme is the diverse background of each student in a classroom, which makes the study process a unique, fruitful and holistic experience."


Md Mahmudul Hasan
Energy Informatics student, Bangladesh 

"I have an electrical engineering background and I believe that getting a master’s degree in Energy Informatics is the best way to broaden my knowledge in the area of intelligent IT solutions. I am keen to learn more about new advanced technologies like smart grid, smart meter, smart city infrastructures and energy supply systems. There are many job opportunities in this field since the role of renewable energy is growing dramatically. What I really like about living on the campus in Hagenberg, is that all people are very welcoming and helpful. The study environment is very international and friendly, the teaching staff is experienced and highly qualified, and the students are open-minded and super motivated."