Hagenberg CampusInformatics, Communications and Media

AR WatchDicle Yilmaz (Mobile Computing - Master)

AR Watch lets users to try different type of watch types on their wrist easily to have an overall look of the products. This application has already existing solution in the market currently. In Addition to the existing solution, I have added initial screen to start using the app to improve interaction with user, like/dislike button for the most liked watch, additional color selection and information button with a toast message functionality to have an information about selected product.

AutoWSD Virtual Reality Automated Driving SimulatorAndreas Riegler (MINT Mobile Interactive Systems)

Human factors research in automated driving is nowadays often conducted using either low-quality setups such as 2D monitors or highly expensive driving simulators with motion platforms. Additionally, software for automated driving scenarios is often expensive and hard to modify for different scenarios. We intend to bridge this gap by proposing a low-cost, high-fidelity immersive prototyping solution by utilizing the recent advances in development of virtual reality (VR): AutoWSD - Automated driving simulator for research on windshield displays. 

Casual Immersive AnalyticsFabian Pointecker (Human Interfaces & Virtual Environments HIVE)

In the visualization, the interactive view of the car manufacturer's supply networks is presented in different ways. On a table view, it is possible to observe the different connection types between the individual locations. The locations are highlighted on an adjacent globe and a wall view provides a dynamic overview of the entire network.

Chicken HuntersLukas Hubl (Mobile Computing - Master)

Chicken Hunters ist ein Augmented Reality Multiplayer Shooter-Spiel. Es wurde das Photon 2 Plugin für Unity verwendet um ein kollaboratives Echtzeit Multiplayer Spiel für die mobilen Plattformen iOS und Android zu entwickeln. Ziel des Spiels ist es über die AR Experience hinweg durch den Multiplayer Support auf der einen Seite und durch den Einsatz von Virtual Buttons die Interaktivität und somit auch den Spielspaß zu steigern. Durch den Einsatz von visuellen Effekten und mechanischem Feedback beim Schießen werden zusätzliche Spieleindrücke erzeugt die den Spielspaß ebenfalls erhöhen sollen.

ClimbingARJulia Hauptmann (Mobile Computing - Master)

ClimbingAR is an application for mobile devices, which uses Augmented Reality to create boulder problems, saves them and then displays those boulders in AR. The application can be used in a climbing gym. The user can select the holds which are part of the boulder and they get highlighted with the use of AR.

DangerVRHuoston Rodrigues (Playful Interactive Environments), Partner: Universidade Nove de Julho

VR Simulator with Biofeedback for Stressful and Dangerous Professional Situations

This ongoing project involves the development of an immersive VR environment to be used as a serious game In combination with non-invasive sensors to monitor the vital signs and more effectively train police officers and first-responders in simulated stressful situations. 

Lies Beneath Vienna: Location-based Augmented Reality AdventureGeorgi Kostov, Gabriel Mittermair (Playful Interactive Environments), Partner: City Games Vienna

Lies Under Vienna is an audio-based mobile adventure game featuring a number of augmented reality elements. Your smartphone becomes your AR investigation tool that enables you to scan for clues, collect evidence and hear conversations behind closed doors and under floors.

Magic KeysDominik Hackl (Interactive Media)

Magic Keys is an Augmented Reality app for the 'Magic Leap One' AR headset that is supposed to teach simple piano pieces and techniques within just minutes in a playful manner. Similarly to 'Guitar Hero', the notes of any arbitrary piece approach to the according keys in real time, making it possible to play along pieces without any prior practice or experience.

Memory3DSara Fregnan (Mobile Computing - Master)

Memory is a very simple game known by most of the people. Memory3D is an AR Memory game, which displays three dimensional objects on the cards. The game can be played from two to four players and up to twelve cards. The cards illustrate special markers, used as image targets by Vuforia framework, where the objects are displayed. The goal of the game is to find most matching pairs.

Mobile AR Game Turning Fate Daniel Dietrich, Christoph Klinar, Carina Rogl (Interactive Media)

The aim of the game is to prevent the launch of a missile with nuclear weapons. You control the astronaut George who invades the secret laboratory of the evil Dr D. Stroy to find the key cards and save the world. All you need is your phone and an AR marker. In the course of the master thesis, the user guidance of the game will be optimized using scientifically proven methods.

Moonlight VRGabriel Beutl (Software Engineering - Bachelor)

Moonlight VR is a VR learning application that was implemented as part of a bachelor's thesis. You’re moving through six different phases and observe or master tasks to learn about the moon and the moon phases. Different approaches who emphasize learning in VR were the main focus of this application.

Morgue Escape VRMaximilian Fölss (Medientechnik und -design)

"Morgue Escape VR" is a virtual reality game for HTC Vive and is based on the concept of escape rooms, or escape games, where the goal is to leave the game site within a limited amount of time.

In this case, in order to leave the room and win the game, the players have to open drawers and doors, find objects and put them somewhere else, use levers and buttons as well as solve various consecutive puzzles.


MysteryVRJohannes Mayrhofer (Mobile Computing - Master)

Augmented reality escape the room game using marker. Objects are displayed on these markers. The interaction is done via the smartphone. Like other escape games there are no rules and many ways to reach the goal of cracking the safe and some hints that can be found.

Raiffeisen in new spheresCorporate partner Raiffeisen Software GmbH

Raiffeisen Software GmbH has implemented several virtual reality applications in cooperation with Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich AG and GRZ IT Center GmbH. At the Mixed Reality Day we will give you an overview of the games our employees developed in the course of an internal hackathon. Bank customers will soon be able to immerse themselves in the virtual Raiffeisen world with an innovative aircraft in the new Raiffeisen flagship store in Linz. - You will have the opportunity to try out ICAROS in Hagenberg.

Pocket TD - AR Tower DefenseKevin Pirklbauer (Mobile Computing - Master)

Pocket TD is an Augmented Reality implementation of the known Tower Defense game concept for Android and iOS. Players have to defend their castle from waves of monsters by placing towers on the playfield. The towers cost gold, which is earned by destroying monsters. They players chan choose from three different types of towers (normal, multishot, sniper), which differ in their strengths and weaknesses. To win the game, the player has to repel 5 waves of monsters. If the monsters reach the castle of the player and reduce the life points to zero, the game is lost.

THE SPACEBARViktoria Ronacher, Sebastian Tombor (Medientechnik und -design)

You are alone in your humble spaceship drifting through space. Your ship has been hit by an asteroid and has lost its most important system components. Your goal is to collect all missing modules to repair these systems. After all, you are in desperate need of an ALT GR Salad at your favourite bar, THE SPACEBAR.

Tower's GuardPeter Hofbauer (Medientechnik und -design)

You are under attack! Small, cute opponents are hopping towards you from every direction! Defend yourself with bow and arrow and set up traps so that the annoying Hoppers can't harm you. If you can withstand their attacks for long enough, your victory is assured!

Virtual Interactive Relaxation Environment VIREAndrea Aschauer, Gabriel Mittermair (Playful Interactive Environments), Partner: VRDimension

VIRE is a virtual reality relaxation application developed for mobile VR headsets that utilizes a variety of guided, visualised relaxation techniques. The application can also be combined with biofeedback sensors to measure physiological changes while performing the exercises. 

Virtual Reality Flight SimulatorStefan Auer (HIVE – Human Interfaces & Virtual Environments)

Today, a full-scale hardware simulator plays an essential role in the training of a professional pilot. Many important airmanship skills, such as aircraft handling, cockpit manipulation and the correct behavior during emergencies can be trained with high quality and without risk.

Still, the costs for a fully equipped physical full flight simulator FFS, can approach the cost of aircraft itself. The aim of the project VRFS is to us VR as a sufficient realistic substitution of physical flight simulators for specific tasks.

VirtualXDHans-Christian Jetter, Christoph Anthes & Judith Friedl (Human Interfaces & Virtual Environments) and Roman Rädle, Tiare Feuchtner & Clemens Nylandsted Klokmose (Aarhus University, Dänemark)

VirtualXD is a virtual design environment with finger tracking and physics simulation for natural interactions with virtual devices and objects. It serves as a design tool for sketching and simulating spatial interactive spaces. This allows ideas to be implemented quickly and without limitations on the number, size or shape and availability of devices or sensors in the lab.