The Summer School on Cross-Reality will be held 1 - 7 July 2024 at our School of Informatics, Communications and Media in Hagenberg. It gives you an excellent opportunity to enhance your knowledge and at the same time explore Upper Austria, meet new people, sketch ideas and expand your network internationally. 

We are inviting PhD students and Master’s students with a Master’s or Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Human-Computer Interaction, Media Informatics and related fields to join us for this international event! You can earn 3 ECTS for this summer school.

Students from partner institutions are free of charge! Students who are not from a partner university have to pay a tuition fee (350€).

All students have to bear the costs for housing and travelling costs.

Main Focus 

Due to the recent developments in Virtual and Augmented Reality hardware we expect to see more and more applications being designed and developed which allow users and data to shift seamlessly along the reality-virtuality continuum. This summer school will be concerned with Cross-Reality (CR) and the potential applications which become possible with this technology.  

It will introduce the fundamentals of the novel approaches and existing late-breaking research from the field. Cross-Reality is an emerging research area which opens up new possibilities of collaboration, interaction and visualization but also poses new challenges considering transitions, interfaces, interaction and the design of such applications. These and other potential challenges and opportunities will be discussed during the summer school.  

In the summer school we will dive deep into the novel field of Cross-Reality with inspiring talks by international experts and exiting workshops covering a variety of sub-topics such as designing, prototyping, creating, and evaluating single-user as well a collaborative Cross-Reality applications. The summer school is designed to inspire and support students in the field which already have an early background or a conceptual idea of Cross-Reality. 

Thus, we encourage interested students to provide a 2-4 page position paper which will be presented at a mini conference to all participants of the school.