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2nd International Summer Workshop on IT Education & Research 11 - 13 June 2015, Hagenberg, Austria


The International Summer Workshop on IT Education & Research is a biennial workshop series held at the Hagenberg Campus of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, which covers all aspects related to IT education and its integration with (applied) research activities.

Rapid advances in computing technology impose an immense pressure on IT educators at universities, who constantly strive to prepare their students best for the future IT labour market. A particular challenge is the internationalization and globalization of the field, which affects both the labour market and higher education in Europe. It allows students and faculty members to cross borders and institutions. This requires universities to strengthen their international profile in order to attract top talents from around the world to study or work at their institution. Moreover, graduates will work in multinational, culturally diverse teams of global companies. How can universities adapt to changing global market conditions and help students to develop their skills needed to succeed in these work environments?

New technological possibilities also change the way in which courses and labs are organized, requiring educators to continuously stay on the ball and adapt their didactical concepts. A recent trend are massive open online courses (MOOCs) which aim at open access and unlimited participation via the web. They are created by international universities and companies and may have an enormous impact on higher education. How should universities respond to education’s digital future and integrate such new developments and technologies into their curricula?

After a successful 1st International Summer Workshop on IT Education & Research in 2013, whose focus was on IT education and research in general, this year's summer workshop will concentrate on internationalization and online learning in higher IT education. We want to enforce the dialogue and knowledge exchange between internationally active IT universities and graduate employers by:

  • featuring four keynote talks with speakers from academia and industry who will focus on internationalization and online learning at IT universities and in IT related companies
  • providing room for the discussion of experiences and best practice models of IT educators during workshops
  • supporting face-to-face networking with social events


The 2nd International Summer Workshop on IT Education & Research is open for all educators, researchers, students and IT professionals who are interested in internationalization and online learning in higher IT education. Participants are invited to attend one of two parallel workshop tracks on Thursday and Friday. The type of contribution is open (talk, demo, video, experience report, etc.), no submission is required.

Participation at the 2nd International Summer Workshop on IT Education & Research is free of charge. Participants are expected to cover their own travel and hotel costs as well as meals and activities outside the official programme. Please note that there are funding opportunities via the Erasmus+ programme; your International Office can give you more information.

Participants can register online for attending the event and select the workshop tracks they want to attend. Presenters should indicate the type and length of their contribution to the selected workshops; optionally, an upload of presentation materials will be possible.

Registration & Submission Deadline

15th May 2015


University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, School of Informatics, Communications and Media, Softwarepark 11, 4232 Hagenberg, Austria

Accommodation will be provided in the nearby city of Linz, the capital of Upper Austria, with a shuttle service provided to the university campus in Hagenberg.


Organisational Matters:

Ms Christina Huber-Beran and Ms Johanna Paar
International Office Hagenberg
Phone: +43 5 0804 21530 or +43 5 0804 21531
E-Mail: international@fh-hagenberg.at

Workshop Programme:

FH-Prof. Dr. Clemens Holzmann
Department of Mobile Computing 
Phone: +43 5 0804 22824
E-Mail: clemens.holzmann@fh-hagenberg.at