Incomings@ Hagenberg Campus

The School of Informatics, Communication and Media at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria is located in Hagenberg.

We invite all students of our Partner Universities to apply for an exchange semester in Hagenberg.
Students who intend to study at another school of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria can find more information here.
It is also possible to apply as a regular international student at the University of Upper Austria. If you want to know more about this option, please refer to the general information for regular international students or download the International Student Guide.

Important Information for Incoming Students

Orientation Days

The International Office at Hagenberg Campus organizes Orientation Days in the week before the official semester starts. Participation in these days is mandatory for all exchange students at Hagenberg Campus as well as for all international students in the Master's degree programmes Mobile Computing, Interactive Media and Energy Informatics. Please note that courses from the study program "Communication and Knowledge Media" already start in the end of September!

  • Winter Semester 2021/22: September 28- October 01, 2021
  • Summer Semester 2022: February 24-28, 2022
  • Winter Semester 2022/23: September 28-30, 2022

The winter semester lasts until the end of June, exams can be taken until July 15. The summer semester lasts until the end of January, exams can be taken until February 15. 


All students in Austria must be insured. We strongly recommend to buy student health insurance at ÖGK, you can find more information about that here.  If ÖGK is not an option for you, we recommend feel safe. Get more information in the International Office or during the Orientation Days!

Arrival at the dormitory

Student residences might be closed during semester break and on weekends. Please check in the beginning of September/February if the dormitory is open when you plan to arrive, or if you need your "buddy" to get the key for you in advance.