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Develop AI solutions for a wide range of practical tasks

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been causing a media frenzy about the potential benefits for the economy in general, and the world of work in particular. However, AI is not limited to chatbots and language models, but has many more diverse and more complex applications. And for the full range of possibilities to be exploited, it will require comprehensively trained AI engineers who can master practical challenges. Such mastery will only be possible by combining AI methodologies with other essential competences – such as computer science, software development, project management and various soft skills.

*This study program is subject to approval by AQ Austria

Key Facts

You’ll acquire all the skills necessary to see through AI projects from conception to implementation. This includes skills in the acquisition and pre-processing of data, the integration of ready-made AI components, as well as competence in customized machine learning models. 

Once an AI solution has proven to be functional, it will need implementation, which, in turn, requires competences in cloud computing and/or embedded systems, plus software development methods and project management. 

  • Organisation


  • Degree

    Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSc)

  • Admission Procedure


  • Tuition Fees

    EU/EEA citizens: 363.36 EUR per semester (plus Austrian Student Union fee). Citizens from non-EU/EEA countries:  726.72 EUR per semester (plus Austrian Student Union fee). 

  • Duration

    6 semesters

  • Language


  • ECTS


  • Application

    Online from 2024 for start in October 2024 – details & deadlines on fh-ooe.at/application 

  • Admission Requirements

    University entrance qualification (e.g. A-Levels, university pre-entry certificate, completed vocational matriculate exam), English at B2 level 

Focus Areas

Machine Learning & other AI Methods
AI Technologies & AI Software Components
Software Development & Computer Science Foundations
Cloud Computing & Embedded Systems
IT Law & IT Business
Electives: advanced AI Applications in industry, medicine/healthcare, business, finance


Career Profile

Due to the practical orientation of the study program, you will become familiar with applying AI methods of computer vision and natural language processing in domains such as industry, medicine/healthcare, business and finance. 

Graduates will work, for example, as AI Engineers or data scientists, as product/process owner for intelligent systems, or will advise software companies how to integrate AI components into software systems. 



Practical Experience and Research

According to the application orientation of the AIS study, AI solutions are developed and implemented as part of projects from the 4th semester onwards. Project ideas usually come from partner companies or one of our numerous research groups. The range of topics is broad, as artificial intelligence plays a role in almost partner companies and research areas on our campus.

Study Abroad

The study is internationally oriented, which is why the language of instruction is English. In particular, the professional internship in the 5th semester can be completed abroad. There is also the option of studying the 6th semester at one of the faculty's numerous partner universities.


AI methods
AI Applications (including Electives)
Software Development & Software Architectures for AI
Foundations of Computer Science
Applied Mathematics
Data Management & Data Processing
IT Law & IT Business, Soft Skills
Practical Work (projects, internship, bachelor thesis)
Full curriculum

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