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A Successful Year in Research

  Record order volume of 40.1 million euros in Research & Development at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria  Read more

Need some help?

  Dear students, Above all, studying means to gain new experiences, to meet new people and to get a certain degree of freedom and independence. However, studying can also mean to have difficulty coping with the unfamiliar and to experience emotions of loneliness, doubt and pressure. To help in such situations, we have attached a leaflet that provides you with relevant contacts…  Read more

Career Zone officially launched: Why you should register right now

  Check out our new Career Zone! Here, you are not only going to find a lot more job offers and internships: You can also take a close look at interesting companies, get some advice on how to apply, can register for exclusive events and may present yourself to potential employers.  Read more

Using High-tech Against a Second Corona Wave

  Ultrasound aerosol disinfection system sterilises rooms of up to 170 square metres in less than an hour  Read more

Student of the FH Upper Austria Wins at Lightweight Construction Conference at Spielbergring

  Automated Production of Lightweight Components - The University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria is researching a fully automated manufacturing process at Wels Campus  Read more

FH Upper Austria Continues to Grow in Research Turnover - Despite Corona also Optimistic for this Year

  With a volume of almost EUR 20.9 million in R&D revenues for the year 2019 alone, the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria is again recording significant growth. Thus, the FH Upper Austria is not only again proving to be the strongest research university in Austria, but also one of the big players in the German-speaking world in the field of applied research. With a…  Read more

International University Ranking puts Management Studies at the Steyr Campus on the Podium

  https://www.umultirank.org/study-at/university-of-applied-sciences-upper-austria-rankings/  Read more

Agricultural Students Win International Ideas Competition "Bodenschmiede" in Berlin

  Agricultural technology and management students of the FH Upper Austria cultivate winter barley and soya at the same time.  Read more

Current Information for Prospective & Current Students

  As of 15 June 2020, the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria will return to the state "before Covid". Those courses/lectures where possible will continue to be held in distance mode. Courses, exams, exercises etc. that are held in attendance will continue to be subject to the security regulations listed on the website. Examinations can be viewed again after prior…  Read more

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