FH Upper AustriaUniversity of Applied Sciences


Scientific Management

Mag. Dr. Martina Gaisch
Professor for English/Intercultural Communication/Diversity Management
Tel.: +43 5 0804 22032
E-Mail: martina.gaisch@fh-hagenberg.at
Interested/expertise in: Women in STEM

Administrative Support

Mag. Johanna Paar
Gender and Diversity Management Assistant
Tel.: +43 5 0804 21531
E-Mail: johanna.paar@fh-hagenberg.at
Interested/expertise in: international students, communcation

Members of the GDM-Conference

Team Hagenberg

Mag. Michaela Derntl
Assistant to the Dean
Tel.: +43 5 0804 21000
E-Mail: michaela.derntl@fh-hagenberg.at
Interest/expertise in: girls/women in STEM, compatibility of familiy duties and career

Wolfgang Hochleitner, MSC
Assistant Professor for Game Design/Game Development/Web Technologies
Tel.: +43 5 0804 22131
E-Mail: wolfgang.hochleitner@fh-hagenberg.at

Victoria Rammer MMA
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin Abteilung Hochschulforschung und -entwicklung
Tel.: +43 5 0804 27164
E-Mail: victoria.rammer@fh-hagenberg.at
Interest/expertise in: communication, women in STEM

DI Stephan Selinger
Professor for Software Engineering
Tel.: +43 5 0804 22822
E-Mail: stephan.selinger@fh-hagenberg.at

Team Linz

FH-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Hubert Egger
Professor for Prosthetics
Tel.: +43 5 0804 52190
E-Mail: hubert.egger@fh-linz.at

Team Steyr

Mag. Dr. Christine Ebner
Professor for Business Management
Tel.: +43 5 0804 33951
E-Mail: christine.ebner@fh-steyr.at
Interest/expertise in: conflict management, mediation, disability

Dr. Lisa-Maria Putz BSc MA
Research Professor, Project Management for Research Projects in Steyr
Tel.: +43 5 0804 33253
E-Mail: lisa-maria.putz@fh-steyr.at

FH-Prof. DI Dr. Margarethe Überwimmer
Professor for international Marketing and Sales Management, Head of Study Program
Tel.: +43 5 0804 33003
E-Mail: margarethe.ueberwimmer@fh-linz.at
Interest/expertise in: international students, intercultural communication

MMag. Sophie Wiesinger
Research Assistant Intercultural Managementcenter in the study degree programme "Global Sales and Marketing" 
Tel.: +43 5 0804 33551
E-Mail: sophie.wiesinger@fh-steyr.at
Interest/expertise in: international students, intercultural communication, intercultural didactics

Team Wels

FH-Prof. Mag. Dr. Alexander Brendel-Schauberger
Scientific Management Agile Management & New Work
Tel.: +43 5 0804 43863
E-Mail: alexander.brendel-schauberger@fh-wels.at

Dipl.oec.troph Claudia Probst Ph.D.
Head of Studies Agricultural Technology and Management
Tel.: +43 5 0804 44090
E-Mail: claudia.probst@fh-wels.a

FH-Prof. Mag. Dr. Christine Schiller-Ripota
Professor for Social Skills
Tel.: +43 5 0804 43820
E-Mail: christine.schiller-ripota@fh-wels.at
Interest/expertise in: communication, mediation and conflict management

FH-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Christiane Takacs-Schwarzinger
Professor for Mathematics and Statistics
Tel.: +43 5 0804 43650
E-Mail: christiane.takacs@fh-wels.at
Interest/expertise in: challenges of study program responsibles, studying with children, women in technics, studying while working

Headquarters Wels

Dr. Regina Aichinger MSc
Vice President Organisation and Quality Management
Tel.: +43 5 0804 12110
E-Mail: regina.aichinger@fh-ooe.at