Dear money - sometimes it would be good if more of it were available. Here you can find opportunities for scholarships:

Carpool exchange

The way to the FH is often long and no matter whether you commute weekly or daily, you can save time and money with the help of the carpool exchange:

Family allowance

Parents who mainly live in Austria, often receive family allowance for their children even during their studies.

More information on how to apply for family allowance, as well as more information on family allowance for students, can be found on the website of the Austrian Federal Ministry.

Information for all students, also for those who would like to apply for family allowance for themselves, is provided by the ÖH.

Study grant

All students who have the Austrian citizenship and students with the same status as Austrians can apply for the study grant, which is a direct financial benefit linked to the success of their studies. Depending on the amount of your own and your parents' income, the application for a study grant is approved or rejected. Other grants, such as travel allowance, insurance contribution, etc., are also linked to the study grant.
Students with disabilities or own children can apply for an increase in the study grant.

Students who have already worked for at least four years can apply for the self-support scholarship, and they can also apply for study grants or for the completion of a course leading to a university entrance qualification.

More detailed information can be found on the website of the Studienbeihilfenbehörde. The Chamber of Labour Linz offers a scholarship calculator to assess whether an application for a scholarship is likely to be successful or not.

Hardware and software

A lot of technical equipment is necessary for studying at the FH, but you don't always have to buy everything yourself!

You will need your own computer (laptop) for your studies. If the financial means for this are not available, individual solutions are possible via the GDM-K or the respective study programme management. In addition, the FH OÖ provides students with the hardware and software required for their studies largely free of charge. Students can also purchase software (OnTheHub webstore) and hardware (u:book promotion) at favourable conditions via their FH OÖ account.


Is the FH too far away from home or do you need a change of scenery? Here are some tips on where many students live:

Often housing subsidies can also be applied for!

Meal subsidy / Mensabons

If at the end of the money there is still so much of the month left  - why not pick up Mensabons at the ÖH of the FH OÖ? You can find all the information here!

Studies and internships abroad

Studying or doing an internship abroad does not have to be expensive: With the EU programme "Erasmus+", all persons enrolled as regular students at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria can apply for a scholarship. Here you can find more information on

Public Transport

The best way to travel to the FH campus in an environmentally friendly and comfortable way is by public transport and the cheapest way is with the Semester- or Klimaticket OÖ or the Klimaticket Now.

In Hagenberg, some companies also offer vouchers for students for e-car sharing cars. All information about this can be found here.


Depending on the type of the degree programme, studying and working can be combined more or less easily. Full-time Bachelor's programmes are usually quite time-consuming, while part-time and Master's programmes often allow students to work some hours and earn money while studying. There are many possibilities to find jobs, here are some examples:


The "Culture Pass" (Kulturpass) has been available in Upper Austria since 2 May 2007. The Social Platform and the Province of Upper Austria, Directorate of Culture, coordinate this campaign. In the meantime, more than 70 cultural partners and 100 social institutions have participated and provide free tickets or hand out the culture passes.

Because people who have little income or are in an emergency situation also have the right to participate in cultural life. Use the culture pass or make those affected aware of this offer!

Further information on the Culture Pass, the income limits and the cultural partners are available on the homepage of the Social Platform.