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Diversity Yearbooksmostly in German with some English articles inside

The Diversity Policy of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria claims a definite commitment of all members of the university to respect and value a rich diversity. In this spirit, 2014 the publication series "Diversity Yearbooks of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria" was coined. The aim of the series is to every year give a curtain call to a special group of members of our university. On the one hand, students and colleagues are asked about their opinions about certain aspects of diversity and on the other hand, the series is also used for the mandatory reports for Gender & Diversity Management. Each Yearbook has a special topic to which all the contributions connect. After "Women in academia" (2014), "Internationalisation and Intercultural Competence" (2015), "University and Family" (2016), "Diversity and Leadership" (2017), "Diversity and Sustainability" (2018), "Diversity and Social Entrepreneurship" (2019) and "Diversity and Responsible Technology" (2020) we are looking forward to the 2021's general theme "Diversity and organizational agility".