Duration of Study


  • programme fee: EUR 3,888.- /year

Please note: accommodation, travel and living cost to/in Austria are not included in this tuition fee.

Entry Requirements

  • A-Level / High School Diploma or equivalent
    (If the Austrian Higher Education Entrance Qualification is not yet met, the required level can be acquired within the International Foundation Programme. In general, A-level is required, but in some cases excellent performance in AS-level and GCSE-level courses might qualify as well)
  • good English language skills
    English Language Certificate B2 if available (IELTS, Toefl,...)

Only ONLINE APPLICATIONS will be accepted by April 30 at the latest. For EU-citizens and people who can enter Austria visa-free (https://oead.at/fileadmin/Dokumente/oead.at/KIM/Nach_Oesterreich/Einreise_und_Aufenthalt/Datenbank_Einreise_Aufenthalt/Infoblaetter/Englisch/Allgemeine_Info_-_Visumfreie_Einreise_en.pdf)  the application deadline is August, 31st. Please use the following link to apply. https://bewerbung.fh-ooe.at/Web/Default.aspx