Submission Guidelines


Paper Presentation Individual talks will be organized in thematic sessions including 3 to 4 presentations. Talks should not exceed 20 minutes, so that 10 minutes will be left for discussions.
Paper Symposium 3 or 4 talks can be submitted within a common subject of a symposium. Symposia are scheduled for 90 minutes. Symposia cover 3 individual paper abstracts and one discussant or 4 individual paper abstracts. An international composition of symposia is highly recommended.
Poster Presentation Poster sessions will be organized in thematic sessions including 4-5 abstracts. A facilitator will moderate the poster presentations and the discussion.

There is only a limited number of slots for oral presentations and symposia. Therefore, the organizers reserve the right to arrange submissions to sessions or symposia or to change oral presentations to poster presentations, if necessary.


Before submitting, please carefully read these guidelines. 

There are three formats of submissions: oral paper presentations, paper symposia and poster presentations.  

For the submissions you need to prepare the following information: 

  • Names of all co-authors 
  • E-Mails of all co-authors 
  • Affiliation organization of all co-authors 
  • Title of the presentation 
  • Abstracts (max. 250 words) 

Language of presentations: 
The conference language is English.

Abstract requirements for both oral presentations and posters: 
Please provide a short, concise title (max. 20 words) 
Please provide an abstract (max. 250 words). The abstract should contain sufficient information about (1) the theoretical background, (2) the research aim(s) or question(s), (3) the method, (4) the sample; (5) the results, and (6) the implications. 
Please also provide max. five key words and author’s information, including affiliation and email address. 

Abstract requirements for paper symposia (please upload one file): 
Please provide a short, concise title of the symposium (max. 20 words). 
Please provide an overall abstract (max. 250 words) summarizing the whole symposium including max. five keywords.
Please provide individual abstracts (max 250 words) of each individual presentation containing sufficient information about (1) the theoretical background, (2) the research aim(s) or question(s), (3) the method, (4) the sample; (5) the results, and (6) the implications. 
Here also please provide author’s information, including affiliations and email addresses. 
Please upload one file containing all this information in the system.

Abstract evaluation 
Criteria for oral paper presentations and poster presentations:

  1. Innovation and importance of the topic
  2. Clarity of formulation/conceptualization 
  3. Concise description and adequacy of the method 
  4. Appropriateness of interpretations 

Criteria for paper symposia

  1. Cohesion among presentations 
  2. Relevance of presentations to the topic 
  3. Expression of different views 

Authors will be notified about the acceptance of their submissions on May 31st, 2021. 

You can download a template how the abstracts should be formated HERE

Upload Your Submission

We kindly ask you to upload your submission. You need to create a "user" HERE and follow the registration steps once you have a user account.