FH Upper AustriaUniversity of Applied Sciences

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FH Upper Austria, School of Management

Until 1981, this long and narrow building located in the district “Wehrgraben” accommodated the Hack factory, which was once a large industrial enterprise. Its owner, Josef Hack was a producer of cutlery and possessed a worldwide patent for the invention of the scallop edge knife until 1948. Since 1994, the building has been home of the University of Applied Sciences, School of Management.

The School of Management in Steyr provides more than 1,300 students with a modern, practice oriented university degree for a later career in the field of leadership and international management.  It has a specifically international focus. Students are provided with the very latest internationally recognised input whereby intercultural management and English as the language of instruction are the order of the day. While English is a compulsory language French, Russian, Spanish, Chinese and Czech are also offered as options. 

From the research & development point of view, activities began in 1995, a short time after the commencement of teaching activities at Steyr Campus. Success stories at regional, national and European level in the field of research were written in the subsequent years. Nowadays, Campus Steyr and the other schools of the University located in Linz, Hagenberg and Wels, have become strong and competent partners of the economic community. This especially includes the R&D activities at the School of Management, where in-depth knowledge in the following fields is demonstrated:

  • Global Business Management
  • Optimizing of Production Process
  • Logistics and Corporate Networks
  • Digital Economy
  • Controlling, Accounting and Financial Management
  • Process Management in Health Care