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City Information

Steyr, an ancient city with modern amenities, is located at the confluence of the rivers Enns and Steyr in the Austrian federal province called “Upper Austria”. The city has a long history as a manufacturing centre. It has given its name to several manufacturers headquartered here, such as Steyr Mannlicher, Steyr Tractor, Steyr Automobile. 

Due to extensive restoration of its historic architecture Steyr is one of the best preserved old towns in Austria. Steyr is famous for its historic town centre around the "Stadtplatz" (town square), which has been very well preserved for several hundred years, and which was largely restored following World War II. Its best-known piece of architecture is called “The Bummerlhaus” which is considered one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture for its size in Central Europe.

The city is very attractively situated, with two rivers the Steyr and the Enns flowing through it and meeting near the town centre in the shadows of Babenberg castle "Lamberg" and the church of St. Michael.

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Distances to well-known and worth visiting cities: 

  • Linz (state capital of Upper Austria):  40 km
  • Vienna (federal capital of Austria):  180 km
  • Salzburg (state capital of Salzburg): 150 km
  • Graz (state capital of Styria): 190 km
  • Innsbruck (state capital of Tyrol): 380 km
  • Munich (state capital of Bavaria/Germany): 270 km