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Corona FAQ FH Upper Austria Regular update on the current situation

Status 06.07.2020Letter of the Management

Dear students of the FH OÖ!

First of all I would like to thank you for your active cooperation in coping with the circumstances caused by COVID-19.

The University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria plans to conduct the winter semester 2020/21 in regular operation with a higher proportion of distance learning (depending on the general conditions). The concrete arrangements of the courses will be decided by the faculties.

From today's point of view, the 1m distance regulation or, in case of undercutting, the obligation to protect the mouth and nose will continue to apply.

Please make your private arrangements accordingly.

More information about the graduation ceremonies:

They will be handled decentrally in compliance with certain requirements (e.g. obligation to register, possible restriction of the number of visitors inside the building etc.) Detailed information will follow.

These plans are based on the current state of knowledge, subject to changes in the specifications by the Austrian federal government.

I wish you a relaxing summer and enjoy your holiday!

With best regards

Dr. Gerald Reisinger



Status 05.06.2020Letter of the FH OOE Management, Mr. Gerald Reisinger

Dear employees!
Dear teachers!
Dear students!

Fortunately, the general conditions are developing in such a way that we can return to normality synchronously with social life.

As of June 15, 2020, we will therefore return to the state BEFORE Covid 19 - with the exception of the regulations listed below. In preparation for the return to normal operations, all those employees and teachers - who are still in the home office - will be able to resume their work at the site as early as Monday 8 June 2020.

The locations of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria are once again fully accessible to all authorised persons (visitors by appointment only).

This means in concrete terms and applies to the entire FH Upper Austria:

- A safety distance of at least 1m must be maintained!
- The disinfectant dispensers provided are to be used and regular hand washing is still
- Regular exchange of air must be ensured by appropriate ventilation.
- By sensible temporal arrangement, crowds of people should be avoided as far as

Study operation

All courses that are possible in a distance mode will continue to be held in this form. Courses, examinations, exercises, etc. that are held in attendance continue to be subject to the above-mentioned safety regulations.

Examinations can be viewed again after prior registration and in compliance with the above-mentioned regulations.

Libraries are also reopened under the above-mentioned conditions (including the reading area).

R & D

R&D is a regular operation. The above-mentioned specifications are to be applied accordingly.

Facilities management

Regular cleaning is ensured by the facility management.

Furthermore, it is recommended to regularly clean the work equipment with the help of the cloths and cleaning agents provided. The utensils already provided at the locations should be used for this purpose. If you wish to fill liquid agents in your own containers for this purpose, make sure that they are clearly marked so that there is no serious confusion (e.g. disinfectant in a supposed water bottle).


Currently there are no events planned by the FH Upper Austria. In principle, the general regulations of the Federal Government apply to events.

At this point I would like to inform you that the administrative processing of the last three months with regard to time recording in the home office takes some time. We are working on it with high pressure and I ask you for a little patience.

In conclusion, I would like to thank you all once again for the great achievement that we as FH Upper Austria have managed to get through these difficult times so unscathed and I wish us all that we can start into a regular winter semester 2020/21 after a hopefully relaxing summer.

Dr. Gerald Reisinger


Status 14.04.2020Supplement to the letter from management dated 08.04.2020

Information for students, employees and lecturers by Mr. Gerald Reisinger: 

The Austrian Federal Government has only implemented the general obligation to wear mouth and nose protection announced for after Easter to a limited extent, therefore the relevant passage of the letter of 8 April (obligation to wear mouth and nose protection at the locations of the FH OOE) is not relevant.

Status 08.04.2020Information of the FH OOE Management

The Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences intends to gradually move towards normal operation as of Monday, 4 May 2020 go. Information letter of FH OOE Management

Status 03.04.2020Information of the FH OÖ Management

The minimum operation at universities has been extended by the Federal Ministry to 30 April 2020. Therefore, lectures will continue to be held in distance learning mode.

Status 02.04.2020Announcement concerning the next update

We are in close contact and coordination with the authorities. The next information from our side regarding possible changes will be given as soon as the new legal framework is clear and can be communicated - as things stand at the beginning of next week. We will inform you immediately via all our online channels.

Status 15.03.2020Information of the FH OÖ Management

The council of the Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences will meet tomorrow (Monday), in order to handle the current questions and topics raised by students, naturally existing due to the current situation, and will work out solutions and answers.

A corresponding information to all students will follow on Tuesday, 17.03., by the management. Please keep yourself up to date on our online channels.

Status 13.03.2020Update

In accordance with the statements of the Austrian Federal Government and after consultation with the majority shareholder, PRESENSE OPERATION at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria will be completely discontinued at all five locations from Sunday 15 March 2020 00:00 hours and, from today's perspective, by Sunday 22 March 2020. Changes and further information will be made available on the FH Upper Austria website or via e-mail on an ongoing basis.

However, you can reach all degree programmes and departments via the e-mail addresses given on the homepage.

Virtual courses etc. will take place as announced.

FAQs - Regular Update on the current situation

Due to a directive of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research and in order to counteract a possible spread of the coronavirus, no classroom lectures have been held at the FH Upper Austria since Wednesday, 11.3.2020 until further notice.

The University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria will keep you informed about current developments and changes via its channels. Please take a look here regularly.

Status 12.03.2020Information of the Management FH Oberösterreich GmbH


Until 4. April 2020, there will be no courses in the form of classroom teaching. The course units concerned will be held in the form of virtual teaching. This means that all teachers are required to enable students to acquire teaching material by providing digital formats. This replaces the presence of teachers and students in the lecture hall or seminar room. It is not intended that the courses held virtually will be made up for after Easter in the form of classroom teaching.

Courses that require physical presence, such as laboratory exercises, will be made up for at a later date in agreement with the group of people involved.

The IT department of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria provides the following technical tools for virtual courses: - Microsoft Teams - Moodle (Hagenberg, Linz, Wels) and Ilias (Steyr)

The eLearning teams support the implementation of the virtual courses - please use the know-how of your contact persons at the schools. Please use the following e-mail addresses:



Lecture examinations, subject examinations incl. Bachelor/Master/Diplom examinations will not be held in attendance form until further notice. Should the postponement of the course result in serious disadvantages for the individual students due to time constraints, the interests of the individual students must be weighed up against the possible risks and the imminent disadvantage for the student(s).

In these exceptional situations, special attention must be paid to compliance with hygiene regulations and it must be checked whether distance models such as Teams or Skype can be used.

On the part of the Academic Council, information will be provided in a separate guideline on the following points:

 - Conduct of virtual testing

- Processing of courses requiring attendance 

- Compensation solutions for internships


Publicity of examinations

If, in individual cases, oral examinations are scheduled by the Head of study degree programme/course, public access to the examination is to be restricted in such a way that only the examiners and the person to be examined and a maximum of one other person are present. Premises shall be selected for the conduct of the examination which allow a permanent safety distance of at least 1m between the persons involved.

Consultation hours / party traffic

Here, too, it applies that these are to be carried out - if at all possible - by telephone or electronic media.


Returning and borrowing books is generally possible. The reading zones in the libraries are closed, and the length of stay in the libraries must be kept to a minimum. We would ask you to make use of the large online offer of books and magazines. 

Current status IT for students

The introduction of MS Teams has already been mentioned in email messages. Employees can now use MS Teams, lecturers and students are currently being activated and can also use MS Teams until Monday, 16. March 2020 at the latest. More detailed information about the access data and the use of MS Teams will be sent via email on Friday, 13. March 2020 by the IT Service Desk.

Key users have been appointed at all locations of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, who, in addition to IT, will provide support for questions regarding MS Teams. The training of the key users as well as of the study course assistants is taking place at all faculties.

Furthermore, a Moodle course with information on the use of MS Teams can be found at elearning.fh-ooe.at/course/view.php.

As always, the Service Desk (Tel.: 0 50804 15000, Email: servicedesk@fhooe.at) and the IT departments at the locations are available for questions. Current IT information will be announced at www.fh-ooe.at/it.

General information

If any questions cannot be answered from the information provided (FAQs, etc.), please contact the Dean's office of the respective faculty in the first instance or send an email to krisenmanagement@fh-ooe.at.


Please note the current information on the FH Upper Austria website www.fhooe.at (https://www.fh-ooe.at/ueber-uns/news/news/informationen-zum-coronavirus/) with the links provided to the Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection and the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research. 


Suspected cases or infections must be reported immediately to the Dean's Office or, in the case of the Holding, to Bernadette Spiesberger (Head of HR). Any official information and notifications issued by the authorities must also be forwarded immediately to the Dean's Office / HR. This group of persons decides and coordinates the further procedure according to the instructions of the medical authority.


This information is based on the current state of knowledge as of 12. March 2020 and will of course be adapted promptly if necessary. 

In view of the seriousness of the situation, we would once again urge you to keep social contacts to an absolute minimum and to comply with the announced hygiene standards in the private sphere as well.