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Corona FAQ FH Upper Austria Regular update on the current situation

Status 02.12.2020Update from the crisis management team

Dear students!
Dear employees!
Dear lecturers!

Demanding weeks lie behind us. The government's restrictions have affected each and every one of us in our private and professional lives. It is with great hope that we are all wishing for the eagerly awaited relaxation, especially in view of the upcoming Christmas season. Many questions reach us regarding the further procedure next week. Not least because of today's press conference, the following applies to the period from December 9th, 2020:


  • Until the end of the semester, teaching will preferably remain in distance mode at the discretion of the heads of study programme in consultation with the class representatives and in consideration of didactic requirements.
  • Where presence is necessary (e.g. examinations, laboratory work, etc.) the group size will be extended to up to 16 students. In justified exceptional cases (e.g. examinations), a higher number of participants is also permitted, as long as the safety regulations allow this (room size). The according decision is made by the lecturer in consultation with the Dean.
  • The semester breaks can be used to catch up on teaching content and examinations.
  • Once again, special attention is drawn to compliance with the safety and hygiene regulations.
  • As far as the returning of international students who plan to visit their families in their home countries around Christmas is concerned, there are currently no comprehensive regulations on the part of the Ministry. In any case, I would ask you to bear in mind that a 10-day quarantine after return could affect the progress of your studies and participation in attendance examinations.
  • With regard to the considerations for planning the summer semester, the Ministry has assured a recommendation for January on the basis of the information available at that time.
  • Libraries remain closed for external users, as does the reading area.


Research and development will continue to be carried out in the tried and tested "corona way". Under the premise of "thinning out", it is important to carefully split up the presence of colleagues per office.


- Consistent with R&D and under the keyword „ thinning out", home office will continue to be offered. Here, the professional, private and social circumstances of the employees must be taken into account. In addition to physical health, the focus should also be on maintaining mental health.
The currently valid home office agreements, which were extended until December 8, will all be extended until the end of the semester. A new registration is not necessary.


Testing will continue for students and employees in the usual manner at the FH Upper Austria locations. Please feel free to take advantage of this offer if you are unsure or if you show similar symptoms to Covid. However, we would ask you to make reliable use of the booked dates: every registration that is not followed by an appearance of the person for testing denies other interested parties the opportunity to test - please take responsibility for yourself and others!

Finally, the now obligatory reference to the fact that this information has been compiled on the basis of the information currently available. We will inform you immediately if the general conditions should change.
For the upcoming holidays around Christmas and New Year I ask you to consume your holidays and time credits. This year has demanded a lot of energy from all of us. It is important for all of us to take a break and recharge our batteries.

Even if it is difficult for all of us - especially on this festive occasion - to comply with the current measures, I would encourage you to continue to be careful: avoid any risk of infection and keep your physical distance. This Christmas, we are all called upon to exercise enormous discipline. Let us go down this path in the certainty that we are all in the same boat and let us draw strength from this thought.

Thank you for your perseverance, thank you for your commitment and stay healthy!

Bernadette Spiesberger
For the crisis team of the FH OÖ

Status 16.11.2020Letter from the President of FH Upper Austria

Dear employees!                     
Dear lecturers!             
Dear students!    

We are all now once again facing the situation that the drastic precautions announced by the government are also having an impact on FH Upper Austria. In general universities are again explicitly excluded from the current regulation!

Following the recommendations of the Ministry of Education and in agreement with the regional government, the FH Upper Austria will enter safety level II from Tuesday, 17 Nov. 2020, 0:00 am.
The aim is to reduce mobility in Upper Austria. Therefore, the urgent request is made to carry out the lectures - where didactically reasonable and possible – in online mode. Exams and exercises can be carried out in-person in small groups. In R&D and administration, operations are to be maintained, here too there is the possibility of requesting a home office in agreement with the supervisor.
For more details please see below.

Due to the public holiday situation on 8 December and the associated bridge day, the following regulations at FH Upper Austria are valid until midnight on Tuesday, December 8,2020.

Much of the following information is already known, but I would like to remind you accordingly.
Let's walk this challenging path together again. It is not new to us and all of us have already mastered this situation magnificently. I am convinced that we will succeed once again!



There are no in-person courses during the above-mentioned period. The lecture units concerned are held in distance learning. This means that all lecturers are required to enable students to acquire teaching material by providing digital formats. Presence of lecturers and students in the lecture hall or seminar room is thus not necessary.  

However, in order to avoid numerous time shifts, courses, examinations etc. which require in-person presence (e.g. laboratory exercises) can be held in small groups (size 8 persons) in coordination between the persons involved and in compliance with all safety and hygiene regulations. 
Please note: mandatory wearing of masks for students and the recommendation for all staff to wear a mask for their own protection and for the protection of others. 

The eLearning teams provide support in the usual way in the implementation of the virtual courses. Please make use of the know-how of your contact person at the faculties. The IT team will also support you in the technical implementation. 
Please use the following e-mail addresses if necessary: 
elearning@fh-hagenberg.at / elearning@fh-linz.at / elearning@fh-steyr.at / elearning@fh-wels.at / servicedesk@fh-ooe.at or phone 050804-15000 

The Academic Council has retained the guidelines adopted in March of this year regarding  

  • Handling of virtual exams 
  • Processing of courses requiring in-person attendance  
  • Compensation solutions for internships


Students who commute to the FH Upper Austria from a neighbouring country must carry their student ID card and student certificate with them. The latter can be requested from the course administrators.


Here, too, the following applies: In order to avoid delays and upon didactic considerations, presence examinations can be held in small groups (up to 8 persons) in coordination between the persons involved and in compliance with all safety and hygiene regulations. 
Please note: mandatory wearing of masks for students and the recommendation for all staff to wear a mask for their own protection and for the protection of others. 


If, in individual cases, oral examinations are scheduled by the head of the programme/course, public access to the examination is to be restricted in such a way that only the examiners and the person to be examined are present, plus a maximum of one other person (including visitor registration). For the implementation of the examination, premises shall be selected which allow the applicable safety and hygiene regulations to be observed.


These are, if at all possible, to be carried out via MS teams or by telephone or e-mail. 


Lending and returning books is still possible. The reading zones and open access areas in the libraries are closed and the length of stay in the libraries must be reduced to a minimum. We would again ask you to make use of the large online offer of books and journals.  


Research operations must be maintained and project delays must be avoided. Regardless of this, a minimisation of the number of participants is to be strived for. Wherever a presence is required by the nature of the projects, it applies that activities can be carried out in presence observing all safety and hygiene regulations. 


On-site Covid-19 testing will continue as before. 

Due to safety level II, the schools of the FH Upper Austria will remain open. In this respect, information on opening hours, access conditions etc. will be communicated locally. The telephone availability of the FH Upper Austria as well as the possibility of incoming and outgoing mail and parcel acceptance will remain unchanged. 

The registration of external presence at the FH Upper Austria is to be continued in the usual manner. 
The curfew must be observed: no visitors at the information day, no visits to laboratories by schools, etc.  


Business trips abroad as well as business trips within Austria, which involve participation in larger events, meetings, etc., are generally prohibited until revoked. Travels that are absolutely necessary to maintain operations are subject to the President's approval. 


The family care exemption is implemented in accordance with the legal requirements. Details will follow as soon as the final legal text is available. 


In contrast to any contrary information available, it is pointed out that the existing HO agreements (from spring 2020) will be reactivated up to and including Tuesday, December 8. 2020. In this context, reference is made to the existing process that HO requests are to be approved by the according supervisor. 

An HO agreement must be concluded for all those employees who have returned to or have joined FH Upper Austria since May 2020. If this has not been done so far, your supervisor is required to contact the Human Resources department: krisenmanagement@fh-ooe.at.

Time record keeping in the HO  
Only employees who are obliged to keep time records are still obliged to do so in their home office. The details of implementation will be communicated locally. 


Suspicious cases, quarantine notifications or infections or the like must continue to be reported immediately to corona@fh-ooe.at - also in the home office or distance operation. 

If you have any questions - apart from the official federal hotline telephone numbers - the crisis management of the FH Upper Austria, in particular Bernadette Spiesberger, will be happy to answer them on 0664/80484-11450. 


External communication, especially with the media, is handled exclusively by our central marketing department. FH Upper Austria is required to coordinate relevant information with the crisis management team of the federal state of Upper Austria. Your contact for corresponding enquiries from media representatives is elisabeth.merta@fh-ooe.at. 


In general, live events are prohibited. If an event falls under the exemption criteria of the decree, it must be submitted for approval via the official supervisors or the deans' offices. 

All this information is based on the current state of knowledge on the weekend, November 15 , 2020, and will of course be adapted promptly if necessary. Please check your company e-mails and other information channels of the FH Upper Austria on an ongoing basis. This will keep you informed and up-to-date. 

In view of the once again very serious situation, I would like to urge you once again to keep your social contacts to an absolute minimum and to comply with the announced hygiene standards and regulations in your private life as well. 

This time demands a lot of energy from all of us. But please do not forget to look at the positive side, this is how we will come out of this pandemic stronger. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your dedication and commitment. 

My best wishes go with you and your relatives. 

Stay healthy! 

Dr. Gerald Reisinger 
President of the FH Upper Austria 

Status 01.11.2020Letter of the FH OOE Management

Dear students!
Dear employees!
Dear lecturers!

In general, the universities are excluded from the current Covid-19 measures of the Austrian Federal Government; this is mainly due to the high level of professionalism with which the tertiary education sector in Austriacopes with the Covid-19 situation. Nevertheless, it is also necessary to reassess the framework conditions for the FH Upper Austria. For the FH Upper Austria, this means that we will take safety level I of our safety matrix with additional measures as of Monday, November 2, 2020. This applies to all four schools as well as the Headquarters.

From Tuesday, November 3, 2020 on, we will switch courses to distance mode as far as possible, except for those courses without substitution possibilities or those with necessary presence, e.g. laboratory classes. At the same time we will activate contact tracing for students in attendance at all schools. Instructions for this have already been sent out. This regulation is valid until the end of November. It is again pointed out that for all persons in attendance at the FH Upper Austria schools, compliance with the applicable safety and hygiene regulations continues to apply.

Students have to limit their stay at the campus only to the required time of lectures.

Libraries: Lending activities remain unchanged, reading areas will be closed.

Examination mode: In the interest of both students and lecturers, the examination mode will continue to be in attendance, whereby the applicable safety and hygiene regulations must be observed.

The research operations remains unchanged. Home Office can be used again where research activities are not tied to the spatial conditions of the FH Upper Austria. The decision on this is incumbent on the supervisors, at their own discretion and in the best interest of the operational requirements. The corresponding home office notifications for the maximum duration until November 30, 2020 are to be sent to

All employees are still present in compliance with the applicable safety and hygiene regulations. In addition, the supervisors can also approve home office in order to reduce the amount of persons per office. The decision on this is incumbent on the supervisors, at their own discretion and in the best interest of the operational requirements. The corresponding home office notification for the maximum duration until
November 30, 2020 are to be sent to krisenmanagement@fh-ooe.at.


All employees who are in quarantine are naturally excluded from the presence, just like all those who belong to the risk group and can provide a medical certificate. Safety level I includes the recommendation not to receive external guests at the FH Upper Austria until further notice. Where it is absolutely necessary, presence must be recorded and external persons must be accompanied during their stay at FH Upper Austria schools. The necessary templates/documents etc. (analogous to lockdown in spring) are available at the schools.

It is still valid: take good care of yourself, keep your distance and the hygiene regulations, stay healthy!
We will of course continue to informe you about further measures as soon as necessary.
Thank you for your efforts to get the FH Upper Austria, the students, employees and lecturers through this tense time.

Dr. Gerald Reisinger

Information of the president regarding Corona security level16.10.2020

Dear part-time faculty,
Dear students,
Dear colleagues!

Due to the current Covid19 situation in the city of Wels, the current security level at the FH Upper Austria will be adjusted for the School of Engineering in Wels. Accordingly, from Monday, October 19, 2020, Wels Campus will be set to security level I.

All other schools as well as various FH Upper Austria business units will remain in "regular operation" until further notice.

What does security level I mean for the School of Engineering? 

In addition to the hygiene measures already in place, such as compulsory masks for students and the safety distance to be maintained, contact tracing in the lecture halls, seminar rooms and laboratories will be started from Monday onwards using a QR code. Please find enclosed a short instruction about the registration possibilities and further information (English version will follow). In addition, you will also find the manual in the Moodle course at https://elearning.fh-ooe.at/course/view.php?id=89#section-13.

I would like to ask you to support the FH Upper Austria in this measure by registering yourself at your workplace in the appropriate rooms and also by deregistering when you finally leave the lecture, exercise, seminar, exam, etc.

Through your discipline and adherence to the measures, you will make a significant contribution to being able to continue to offer face-to-face teaching. Together we will successfully master the winter semester.

Stay healthy and take care of yourself and your fellow human beings.

Dr. Gerald Reisinger


Update from the crisis management team22.09.2020

Dear employees!
Dear students!
Dear teachers!

On 1 October 2020, the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria will be back in full operation. We are very pleased about that! In order to be able to take the appropriate precautions in the light of current developments, we would like to inform you about the extended measures that have been decided upon by the FH Upper Austria crisis management team:

From 01.10.2020 all students are obliged to wear a mouth and nose protection mask. However, it is strongly recommended to wear the MNS before 1.10! Wearing it is obligatory from the moment you enter a FH Upper Austria building and on the school corridors until you reach your seat/workstation, even if the safety distance of 1 metre can be maintained. It is still mandatory to wear a mouth and nose protection mask even at workplaces where the 1 metre safety distance is not reached (e.g. in laboratories).

Employees are recommended to wear a mouth and nose protection masks when entering FH Upper Austria buildings and in the corridors.

For this purpose, FH branded MNP masks made of fabric for the staff and students will be provided - however, for production reasons, not until a few days after 1 October.

As a general rule, if you feel ill or show Covid-19 symptoms, stay at home and contact your GP and call 1450.

However, if you suddenly feel unwell during your stay at the FH Upper Austria and develop symptoms, inform the class representative immediately and keep distance from other people. The class representative will coordinate with the lecturer/teacher to pass on the relevant information to the dean.

For these cases we have provided contactless clinical thermometers at the schools, which can be used voluntarily for an initial clarification regarding fever.

You can find the thermometers:

Hagenberg Campus: room FH1.105 (Administration)
Linz Campus: Building A: ground floor, room A-011c ("Postkammerl") / Building B: 3rd floor (cabinet next to printing area)
Steyr Campus: FHI: ground floor, room 2002 (Info Point) / FHII: ground floor, room 1003 (first aid room) / FH III: 2nd floor, room 5207 (Office ILM/SCM/DTLM)
Wels Campus: Building A, O2-021 (Office LTE/SES/EE) / Building A, O2-049 (Office AMM/IPM/Mewi) / Building A, O2-048 (Office AT/BI/MB)
Headquarter Wels: 3rd floor, office 3.002 (PM&PE)

The following hygiene regulations apply when using the clinical thermometer:

  • The person taking the temperature must wear disposable gloves
  • All participants have to wear a mouth and nose protection masks
  • 1 metre safety distance must be maintained
  • Disinfect the clinical thermometer after use

We ask each of you to follow the applicable measures and regulations for the containment of Covid-19 spread in order to protect you, your fellow students, your colleagues and of course your private environment and not to unnecessarily endanger the study programme at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austrian.

Let's keep physical distance and stay connected in mutual responsibility for each other!

Bernadette Spiesberger
For the crisis management team of the FH Upper Austria

Status of the 08.09.2020Letter of the FH OOE Management, Mr. Dr. Gerald Reisinger

Mailing at the beginning of the semester

Guide for safe university operations

Status 08.07.2020Letter of the FH OOE Management

Dear employees!
Dear teachers!
Dear students!

I would like to take the opportunity of yesterday's press conference by State Governor of Upper Austria Thomas Stelzer and the repeated announcement of the obligation to protect the mouth and nose in official buildings, in public spaces, for service providers, etc. to inform you about the relevant arrangements at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria.

Basically, how to and further

o maintaining the appropriate minimum distance of one meter

o in laboratories, due to the spatial conditions, the obligation to protect the mouth and nose

o the use of existing disinfection dispensers at the sites

o the observance of all previous hygiene measures: Washing hands etc.

and thus the currently running presence operation can be handled at the locations without any changes.

The use of the Stop Corona App helps with any contact tracing and can be installed on a voluntary basis (also on company mobile phones).

If we are all attentive and consider ourselves and our colleagues, we can together master the current situation in a proven way.

Best regards and all the best!

Dr. Gerald Reisinger

Status 06.07.2020Letter of the Management

Dear students of the FH OÖ!

First of all I would like to thank you for your active cooperation in coping with the circumstances caused by COVID-19.

The University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria plans to conduct the winter semester 2020/21 in regular operation with a higher proportion of distance learning (depending on the general conditions). The concrete arrangements of the courses will be decided by the faculties.

From today's point of view, the 1m distance regulation or, in case of undercutting, the obligation to protect the mouth and nose will continue to apply.

Please make your private arrangements accordingly.

More information about the graduation ceremonies:

They will be handled decentrally in compliance with certain requirements (e.g. obligation to register, possible restriction of the number of visitors inside the building etc.) Detailed information will follow.

These plans are based on the current state of knowledge, subject to changes in the specifications by the Austrian federal government.

I wish you a relaxing summer and enjoy your holiday!

With best regards

Dr. Gerald Reisinger



Status 05.06.2020Letter of the FH OOE Management, Mr. Gerald Reisinger

Dear employees!
Dear teachers!
Dear students!

Fortunately, the general conditions are developing in such a way that we can return to normality synchronously with social life.

As of June 15, 2020, we will therefore return to the state BEFORE Covid 19 - with the exception of the regulations listed below. In preparation for the return to normal operations, all those employees and teachers - who are still in the home office - will be able to resume their work at the site as early as Monday 8 June 2020.

The locations of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria are once again fully accessible to all authorised persons (visitors by appointment only).

This means in concrete terms and applies to the entire FH Upper Austria:

- A safety distance of at least 1m must be maintained!
- The disinfectant dispensers provided are to be used and regular hand washing is still
- Regular exchange of air must be ensured by appropriate ventilation.
- By sensible temporal arrangement, crowds of people should be avoided as far as

Study operation

All courses that are possible in a distance mode will continue to be held in this form. Courses, examinations, exercises, etc. that are held in attendance continue to be subject to the above-mentioned safety regulations.

Examinations can be viewed again after prior registration and in compliance with the above-mentioned regulations.

Libraries are also reopened under the above-mentioned conditions (including the reading area).

R & D

R&D is a regular operation. The above-mentioned specifications are to be applied accordingly.

Facilities management

Regular cleaning is ensured by the facility management.

Furthermore, it is recommended to regularly clean the work equipment with the help of the cloths and cleaning agents provided. The utensils already provided at the locations should be used for this purpose. If you wish to fill liquid agents in your own containers for this purpose, make sure that they are clearly marked so that there is no serious confusion (e.g. disinfectant in a supposed water bottle).


Currently there are no events planned by the FH Upper Austria. In principle, the general regulations of the Federal Government apply to events.

At this point I would like to inform you that the administrative processing of the last three months with regard to time recording in the home office takes some time. We are working on it with high pressure and I ask you for a little patience.

In conclusion, I would like to thank you all once again for the great achievement that we as FH Upper Austria have managed to get through these difficult times so unscathed and I wish us all that we can start into a regular winter semester 2020/21 after a hopefully relaxing summer.

Dr. Gerald Reisinger


Status 14.04.2020Supplement to the letter from management dated 08.04.2020

Information for students, employees and lecturers by Mr. Gerald Reisinger: 

The Austrian Federal Government has only implemented the general obligation to wear mouth and nose protection announced for after Easter to a limited extent, therefore the relevant passage of the letter of 8 April (obligation to wear mouth and nose protection at the locations of the FH OOE) is not relevant.

Status 08.04.2020Information of the FH OOE Management

The Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences intends to gradually move towards normal operation as of Monday, 4 May 2020 go. Information letter of FH OOE Management

Status 03.04.2020Information of the FH OÖ Management

The minimum operation at universities has been extended by the Federal Ministry to 30 April 2020. Therefore, lectures will continue to be held in distance learning mode.

Status 02.04.2020Announcement concerning the next update

We are in close contact and coordination with the authorities. The next information from our side regarding possible changes will be given as soon as the new legal framework is clear and can be communicated - as things stand at the beginning of next week. We will inform you immediately via all our online channels.

FAQs - Regular Update on the current situation

Due to a directive of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research and in order to counteract a possible spread of the coronavirus, no classroom lectures have been held at the FH Upper Austria since Wednesday, 11.3.2020 until further notice.

The University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria will keep you informed about current developments and changes via its channels. Please take a look here regularly.

Consultation hours / party traffic

Here, too, it applies that these are to be carried out - if at all possible - by telephone or electronic media.


Returning and borrowing books is generally possible. The reading zones in the libraries are closed, and the length of stay in the libraries must be kept to a minimum. We would ask you to make use of the large online offer of books and magazines. 

General information

If any questions cannot be answered from the information provided (FAQs, etc.), please contact the Dean's office of the respective faculty in the first instance or send an email to krisenmanagement@fh-ooe.at.


Please note the current information on the FH Upper Austria website www.fhooe.at (https://www.fh-ooe.at/ueber-uns/news/news/informationen-zum-coronavirus/) with the links provided to the Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection and the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research. 


Suspected cases or infections must be reported immediately to the Dean's Office or, in the case of the Holding, to Bernadette Spiesberger (Head of HR). Any official information and notifications issued by the authorities must also be forwarded immediately to the Dean's Office / HR. This group of persons decides and coordinates the further procedure according to the instructions of the medical authority.


This information is based on the current state of knowledge as of 12. March 2020 and will of course be adapted promptly if necessary. 

In view of the seriousness of the situation, we would once again urge you to keep social contacts to an absolute minimum and to comply with the announced hygiene standards in the private sphere as well.