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Why an engagement in the career zone serves well for you:
options for self-promotion
EUR fee for job ads

Advertise your jobs for free:

The career zone helps recruiters from all over Austria to find the best-qualified candidates for the open positions. One of these services is the recruiters' account, which allows you to advert an unlimited number of positions.

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    Create a profile to present your company!

    The career zone offers two different ways for partners of the FH Upper Austria to present themselves to students and alumni. If you are interested, you can get a company profile. There are two different versions with their respective functions. For the launch of the career zone both profile options are exclusively offered to current partners of FH Upper Austria for a limited time period:

    • Small company profile: available for main sponsors (from EUR 500,-/year) of the Förderverein Wels and Förderverein Hagenberg.
    • Big company profile: available for companies with at least one sponsorship for lecture halls (from EUR 1 900,-/ year) at a campus.
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    Employer branding:
    Big company profile

    exclusively for lecture hall sponsors (until 11/30/22)



    *Number of students who were enrolled in the study year 2019/2020 at FH Upper Austria.
    **Number of alumni of FH Upper Austria who are members of the Alumni Club FH OÖ.
    All these people can create a user account for the Career Zone and see your jobs and your company profile.