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The Career Zone by JobTeaser is the official career platform of the FH Upper Austria. In it, you find a huge collection of job offers, internships and topics for theses. Furthermore, you are provided with some insights into hundreds of companies that may help you to decide where you want to apply. In addition to that, you can register for career events and get some advice on starting your career, changing the job or getting promoted.

The free web app is optimized for mobile use and offers both a German and an English user interface, between which you can switch in the settings. For more information about the functions and features of the Career Zone, please watch the JobTeaser video, read our release article and the FAQs.



The Career Zone is a password protected platform. In order to access it, you have to register. Of course, you can use this web app for free. 
Students and employees at FH Upper Austria can register via single sign on by using their FH-Account (P- or S-number and matching password).

Graduates that are members of the Alumni Club FH OÖ can also create a user-profile. In order to verify your member status and to activate your account, we explicitely ask you to use the email-address stored in the database of the Alumni Club.

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*The Career Zone FH OÖ contains job offers in various languages. The header shows how many advertisements for English and German speakers are currently available.
These numbers can differ from the ones in the Career Zone, as they are not synced in real time, but updated manually on a regular basis.


How to get the Career Zone on your smartphone:

You want to check your updates on your smartphone? No problem: The Career Zone page is optimized for mobile devices. Create a quick access right now by scanning the QR code with your phone camera, by setting a bookmark or by saving the web app as a bookmark on the homescreen of your smartphone. If you do that, it only takes a tap of your finger to see the lastest jobs and events or to view your lists of favourites. In case you need some support, we show you how to create a practical quick access in seconds. Just take a look at our how-tos for Android and iOS devices.

to the mobile Career Zone page
for students and employees

Scan QR code with your camera app
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to the mobile Career Zone page for
Alumni Club FH OÖ members

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