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Virtual Open House

Friday| 19 March 2021 | 13 - 18 HRS

Question and Answer

All you need is WEB access and you're in! 

How can I participate in the online lectures?
Click on the participation link of the lecture you want to attend. There you enter your name and you're in.

Do I need special technical equipment for the participation?
All you need is a technical device (laptop, computer, tablet, smartphone) with Internet connection. Please note that you are using a browser supported by Microsoft: Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, the latest version of Chrome, the latest version of Firefox.

Can I also participate in the lecture with my mobile phone?
Yes, it's possible. Please download the Microsoft Teams App from the Appstore and open the participation link via this app.

Do I have to log in with my full name?
No, only the first name can be entered. The name is visible for the speaker and the participants.