House Rules

1. Scope of Application

The House Rules are valid for all users, especially students, and internal and external employees of the School of Informatics, Communication and Media, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Softwarepark 11, 4232 Hagenberg, and apply to all rooms and areas belonging to it. A campus and room map is published on our website.

For students and participants of classes the House Rules are part of the educational contract. Ignorance does not protect against the consequences of violation.

2. General

All users are obliged to take the greatest possible care of all buildings and all adjacent areas (rooms and their equipment, outdoor area, (bicycle) parking areas, underground parking, etc.). Careful and considerate use of the facilities reduces repair, operational and maintenance costs. Smoking in the rooms of the campus is strictly forbidden. Any kind of party-political activity is prohibited.

3. Access Control System

Most rooms and thus also our technical facilities are secured with an electronic access control system. The (student) ID card enables users to unlock certain rooms. The ID card must be used carefully, as all transactions are logged. It is not allowed to manipulate the electronic access control system, e.g. "putting a dustbin in the door" to keep the door open. If any kind of equipment of this room is “lost” during the period when the door was kept open, the person(s) registered by the access control system will be held responsible. In some particularly "sensitive" laboratories, in stairwells and corridors, as well as in the area of entrance doors and parking lots a video surveillance system has been installed that allows recording over a period of days.

4. Noise prevention

Out of respect for colleagues, we ask to keep quiet in front of lecture halls, labs, etc. Conversations are to be held at a tolerable level. If an above-average noise level is required (events, start-up of machines, etc.) the administration must be informed in advance.

5. Parking Spaces

Designated parking spaces are available for students in the open-air area behind the FH3 building and student dormitory 6. There are four e-charging stations, powered by Linz AG in the parking lot behind FH3, where e-cars can be charged around the clock.

The underground car park of Hagenberg Campus and the e-charging stations located there are exclusively for authorized persons. The guest parking spaces of Hagenberg campus in the entrance area of the underground car park must be kept free. Public parking spaces are marked on the campus map. Escape routes and fire department access roads must be kept clear under all circumstances. Illegally parked vehicles will be towed away at the expense of the vehicle owner.

6. Parking of Bicycles

Parking spaces for bicycles are located in the underground car park between the buildings FH1 and FH2.

7. Bringing Animals

The bringing of animals is generally prohibited. Employees and students who are dependent on dogs to compensate for their impairment or for therapeutic purposes can apply to the Dean's Office for an exception.

8. Lockers

In front of lecture hall HS2 in the FH1 building there are lockers (wardrobe lockers) which can be rented by students. When the key is issued a deposit of € 7.00 must be paid, which will be refunded when the key is returned. The amount of the rent depends on the rental period and is € 3.00 for one semester. Please contact the administration, FH1, level 1.

9. Pictures and Video Recordings

Students acknowledge that pictures and video recordings made by the FH Upper Austria on campus (especially at events) may be used for documentation and public relations purposes. Without exception, pictures and sound recordings of courses are only permitted with the prior consent of the lecturers.

10. Consumption of Food and Beverages

Eating and drinking is not permitted in instructional classrooms.

11. Laboratory Rules

The premises are to be left in proper condition. At the end of a practical class – especially if it is the last class of the day – it must also be ensured that the screens and the lighting (NOT the PCs!) are switched off. Make sure that all windows are closed when leaving the room. The network cabling of the PCs in the laboratory must not be changed. Damage and malfunctions must be reported immediately: IT Service Desk (+43 50804, ext. 15 000 or

In almost all laboratories and lecture halls there are telephones for internal calls to other Hagenberg Campus extensions as well as for emergency calls: fire department (122), ambulance (144) and police (133).

12. Safety

The storage or use of flammable, explosive, or toxic materials on campus, as well as the carrying of dangerous objects, such as weapons, etc. is prohibited. Leaning out of windows or throwing objects of any kind out of windows is prohibited. For the use of the various equipment (passenger elevators, freight elevators, technical equipment, etc.), the relevant operating instructions must be observed, and the instructions of the trained personnel must be followed. It must be ensured that escape routes and exits are kept clear in accordance with fire regulations. Fire doors closing off fire and smoke compartments must not be fixed in an open position so that their function as closing doors is not affected. At this point it is explicitly referred to the fire protection regulations and to the information on "Behavior in case of fire".

13. Waste Disposal

For the disposal of any kind of waste, the containers provided for this purpose must be used. It is forbidden to deposit waste in any other place (even next to the waste containers). Bulky waste is to be taken away by the user. Cigarette butts are to be disposed of in the ashtrays provided. No solid objects (leftovers, etc.) may be thrown into the drains in the sanitary facilities. It is also forbidden to empty liquids that could clog or contaminate the drains.

14. Snow Removal

Snow removal is organized by Hagenberg Campus. Driveways and sidewalks must remain clear so that snow removal is not impeded.

15. General Information Boards and Notices

Notices and posters may only be published on the information boards designated for this purpose and only with the approval of the administration (signature, stamp). The permission to use information boards will be revoked if they are repeatedly misused.

16. Liability

Users are obliged to compensate for any damage to the common rooms and equipment caused by their negligent or reckless behavior due to non-observance of these house rules. The repair of damage or cleaning of soiled areas/surfaces is to be arranged by the liable users at their own expense. If the damage is not repaired within a reasonable period, the School of Informatics, Communications and Media can place an order requiring the users concerned to repair the damage at their own expense. Damage to water pipes, drainage pipes as well as roof damage must be reported immediately to the building management. The same applies to other incidents of importance to the general public such as fire, burglary, etc. - even if these only affect parts of the facility. The liability also extends in the same way to relatives, visitors, craftsmen, etc.