Guidelines for the Use of Facilities

1. User Authorization

The degree programmes provide an efficient infrastructure with a high-performance network, telecommunications, computer and A/V equipment. Students receive a user authorization and thereby become users.

In special cases, the user authorization can be restricted, denied, or made dependent on proof of specific knowledge or skills.

Passing on the user authorization and/or passwords to other persons is not permitted and will result in the revocation of the user authorization for a period of at least one month. Users who misuse the assigned resources in any way – e.g. by improper use of network resources such as websites, e-mail, and FTP services, etc. – or who do not comply with the study regulations may have their user authorization revoked by the respective head of studies.

The user authorization expires at the date students officially leave the institution (with or without completing their studies) or when the user authorization is revoked. After this period, all access authorizations and stored user data are deleted.

2. Rights and Duties

In accordance with the user authorization users are entitled to use the facilities, equipment and assigned resources necessary to complete their respective degree programme with due diligence.
Users are responsible for the proper use of their user authorization. In case of willful and/or negligent damage, the user is liable for damages.
If copies of programmes and/or of data provided by the degree programmes are made illegally, the users are liable to the licensor and/or owner.
The stipulations of the copyright law and the licensing rights must be observed in all cases.
In addition, the unauthorized installation of any software without consulting the course lecturer is strictly prohibited.
Any misuse and violation of criminal law provisions by the user (e.g. violation as defined in the law of re-engagement in National Socialist activities or pornography) will be reported immediately to the appropriate authorities.

3. Terms fo Use for the Internet Portal

The use of any information or material is at your own risk. In the event of any damage, the University of Applied Sciences as the operator of this portal cannot be held liable.

Users agree that they will not perform any of the following actions while using this portal:

  • Access to devices or resources to which users do not have access rights;
  • copying or reproducing any data protected by copyright without the explicit permission of the copyright holder;
  • conducting any attacks on the network, such as port scans, DoS/DDoS attacks, packet floods, replays or injection, session hijacking or interception, or similar activities;
  • the spread of any malicious software, such as viruses, Trojans, worms, etc.;
  • installing software that manipulates hardware or software of any devices, such as key loggers, registry keys or other executable programs, such as scripts or active applications.

Users commit to:

  • Use the access provided with full responsibility and consideration for the safety and privacy of all other users and network resources;
  • not to intentionally access or distribute any discriminatory, pornographic, violent or illegal content of any form through this portal;
  • not to set up or operate individual WLAN hotspots within the school’s premises, (especially with smartphones and other mobile devices). Note: The operation of private hotspots is strictly prohibited (e.g. download of large files without study relevance etc.) to avoid disturbances and impairments of the local WLAN!
  • As the provider of these services, the school reserves the right to record and monitor any communication that takes place through this portal to ensure compliance with these rules.
  • Users acknowledge that any violation of these rules may lead to immediate revocation of access rights and, in serious cases, to claims for compensation and charges.

4. Student ID Card

Upon enrollment, students receive an ID card that is used for the electronic access system of the buildings of Hagenberg Campus as well as for printing and copying. If an ID card is negligently damaged or lost, € 10.00 will be charged to issue a new ID card. The validity of the ID card can be extended at the service point in FH2, level 2, if the enrollment is valid.

5. Data Backup

In general users are responsible for backing up any user-specific programmes and/or data, and for protecting themselves against improper use, loss, or destruction of their data.

Due to the large amount of data, it is currently technically impossible to create backup copies of all user data at short intervals. In case of a total server malfunction the loss of one’s own data is to be expected. It is strongly recommended to back up all important data on private data storage media (e.g., CD-R, DVD or USB stick) on a regular basis.

6. Data Protection

For the processing of personal data of natural persons, the legal requirements of the national Data Protection Act (DSG) and the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU-DSGVO) must be complied with. Information on the processing of personal data at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria can be found in the privacy statement at

Staff members of degree programmes are authorized to check all stored data of the users in case of suspicion of misuse of the IT infrastructure, or in case of violation of the usage guidelines as well as to monitor the data traffic caused by individual users, if necessary. All network accesses can be logged and checked.

The data of each computer user, in particular passwords and e-mail messages, is subject to privacy protection and privacy of correspondence. Passing on access data to third parties or the enabling of unauthorized access to the IT infrastructure by third parties is not permitted and will result in disciplinary proceedings.

7. Web Pages

In the context of courses and/or on private initiative, users can create official and/or private websites on servers and publish them via the Internet. In principle, users are responsible for the content of these websites.

It is prohibited to publish or present offensive, indecent (e.g. sexist or pornographic), racist or criminal (e.g. computer viruses) content or links to such content. In addition, no content protected by copyright or links to such content are allowed. Included links must not be protected by passwords.
Web pages must not be used for commercial purposes and must not contain advertising (e.g. banners).
The setup of gateway sites that only allow access to other homepages is also prohibited.
In general, any procedure or activity that could harm the reputation or standing of the degree programmes or staff is prohibited.

8. Sanctions

In case of violation, the following measures will be taken depending on the offense: deletion of the files concerned, temporary or permanent revocation of user authorization, filing of a complaint with the police (in case of criminal context), severe cases may warrant that the offender be expelled from the university.