FH Upper AustriaUniversity of Applied Sciences

Transfer Centre

The Transfer Centre for the Formation of Enterprises stands for extensive services in practice and teaching. It is important for us to position ourselves as a preliminary stage and partner for all further supporting institutions.

Innovative ideas should be identified and brought to marketability at an early stage of enterprise formation.

Practice and Teaching

Concerning practice, we offer the best supervision from the concept to the successful formation as well as intensive contact to the industry, formation cooperators, investors, advisors and other educational institutes, with special attention to the development of a sales and distribution network. An extensive support system for potential entrepreneurs from the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences can therefore be guaranteed.

In teaching, we offer mediation of knowledge relevant for formation and raising students' awareness in the field of “entrepreneurial thinking and acting”. In doing so, independence should be institutionalised in order to increase the potential capacity of formation and therefore also increase the number of formations in the long run.

Contact Person

Dr. Gerold Weiß MBA
Stelzhamerstr. 23
4600 Wels/Austria
Tel.: +43 5 0804 43135
Fax: +43 5 0804 943135
E-Mail: gerold.weisz@fh-ooe.at