Service Offers

The Transfer Centre offers full attainment during the formation process – from the business idea to the successful company establishment.

This concept of developing marketable business plans, both in practice and in teaching, and of winning over mentors and experts of the economy, industry and the community guarantees the transfer of important practical knowledge and long lasting experience to young entrepreneurs. Valuable and marketable ideas are seen through until market entrance, and future entrepreneurs are supported with necessary economic know-how and networking.


Have you already found your team but still lack an important component?

We find and select suitable candidates in cooperation with gate2business. If you are interested in joining an aspiring start-up and you bring with you the required expertise, please feel free to approach us. We are happy to establish contact.


We attend to your needs and support you from your innovative idea until the successful founding of your own enterprise. We search for promising ideas both in interdisciplinary projects and in courses of all degree programmes. We support you in elaborating your plans and help you with the first steps of the market launch. In doing so, we work closely together with the high-tech incubator “tech2b”.


Mentoring of ideas for formation is part of the financial and social “safety net” for potential founders.

Well-known successful mentors from industry and the economy are at the Centre of Transfer's service in order to escort and support founders during the start-up and evolution phase – voluntarily and free of charge. The selection and mediation of mentors is conducted exclusively by the Centre of Transfer.

Process of the Mentor Service

  1. checking of ideas by the Centre of Transfer
  2. selection of relevant mentors (1–3/project team)
  3. establishing contact with mentors and description of the business idea by the Centre of Transfer
  4. mentor accepts or declines
  5. in case of acceptance: Centre of Transfer arranges a meeting
  6. first contact between founder and mentor
  7. further activities are arranged individually

Possibilities of Organisation

Mentors are experienced experts from the economy in the middle of their working life. Therefore, their available time is limited. In order to support you professionally with the formation of your enterprise, our mentors offer their services free of charge. Demand on their time should thus be within the realms of possibility. Four meetings per year are scheduled, but of course individual variations can be arranged.

As a “recompense” for this invaluable support, the mentor may be rewarded with a small investment held in the established company. This has the advantage of binding the mentor to the company in the long run and therefore also his know-how; in addition, the company's equity position is increased. Both extent and duration of the cooperation are organised individually. There are no liabilities on either side whatsoever. Any investment held can only be reached with approval on both sides.


Besides supervision from the business idea to founding the business, we offer high-value contacts to the economy and industry. We see ourselves as an interface to the industry, to formation cooperators, investors, consultants, and to other educational institutes in Upper Austria.

Supervision from the business idea to founding a business

We offer you ...

  • chance/risk analysis of your business idea with regard to marketability
  • potential analysis of your innovation and personality
  • tests for entrepreneurs
  • support with elaborating your business plan
  • selection of and contact with suitable subsidies and investors
  • selection of and contact with suitable mentors
  • assistance with self-positioning, marketing and organisation of distribution
  • set-up and maintenance of further contacts

Business Service and Networking

Students interested in formation, members of staff and alumni of the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences are invited to contact us in order to profit from the established network. Since our activities are limited to the phase of ideas and formation, we offer you a network to other formation cooperators in order to support the establishment of your company. Our network consists of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, incubators, consultants, investors, banks, trainers, etc.

Regular Consultation Days for Founders

We offer information events in cooperation with our network partners tech2b and the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber of Upper Austria in all locations of the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences. These events are organised in the form of lectures (one hour max.), panel discussions, entrepreneurial talks and a subsequent informational small talk with a buffet.

In addition to this, “consultation days for founders” are held twice every year at each location. This gives you the opportunity to get in touch with experts from the economy and practice. Our partners gladly offer their knowledge to you free of charge.

Spin-Off Formations and Patent Promotions

Spin-off formations are a crucial part of research and development at the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences. Ideas are taken up and brought to marketability in individual research projects. This is done in close cooperation with patent agents as well as the CATT Innovation Management GmbH, in order to generate even more patents from the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences and also to support this part of becoming independent.

Guidelines for inventions and patens (by the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences)

Tech2b Corridor

As a pre-stage to further formation supporters, we cooperate closely with the tech2b GmbH, which is one of our most important partners due to the AplusB programme.

As a pre-stage for tech2b, we act as a scout for ideas in all locations in order to promote marketable ideas and spin-offs directly to the tech2b-programme.

In the tech2b-programme, young entrepreneurs are given the necessary financial support during the seed phase.

Link to tech2b

Link to the AplusB programme

One Stop Shop

We see ourselves as a central contact point for students interested in formation, members of staff and alumni of the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences. We want to offer you the better part of the crucial service for formation of enterprises and company-succession – all in one go.