FH Upper AustriaUniversity of Applied Sciences

Vision & Mission

Our motto: Teaching and learning with pleasure – researching with curiosity

We teach and do research at university level while maintaining practice-orientation and the highest quality standards.

In our teaching, we offer students comprehensive assistance and support them in their motivation and self-driven efforts. Innovative teaching and learning styles as well as dynamically evolving curricula are our signature features.

Our research and development activities aim at tackling the challenges of the future. We actively help shape them. As a competent partner, we develop solutions and support the transfer of knowledge. 

In the following fields of competence, we assume a role of thematic leadership: 

  • FH Upper Austria, Hagenberg Campus: Software/Systems/Media
  • FH Upper Austria, Linz Campus: Social Services/Health Technologies
  • FH Upper Austria, Steyr Campus: Management
  • FH Upper Austria, Wels Campus: Engineering/Environment

By means of regional and global networking with business, society, public institutions and research and educational institutions, we create training, innovation and knowledge, added value and sustainability.

We are an integral part of Upper Austria with all its business and educational opportunities. We set important impulses for growth and production.

The motivation and competence of our staff, our students and our graduates are the basis of our success.