University Library

Library inventory

Searches in the library search engine PRIMO of the FH Upper Austria include the physical and online inventories of all four Campus libraries!

Databases UAS Upper Austria

With the Database Information System DBIS you can quickly and easily view the database products licensed by the UAS Upper Austria. As a special bonus, the DBIS offers numerous additional databases from a variety of fields which are freely accessible!

Electronic Periodical Library

The periodicals on offer by the UAS Upper Austria are indicated through the use of light signals. Periodicals with a yellow signal can only be accessed while present on one of the UAS Upper Austria campuses.

Access to electronic periodicals of the FH Upper Austria

Most magazine publishers regulate access to their publications available at a charge through the use of the IP address of the computer submitting the request. A yellow signal indicates periodicals for which the UAS Upper Austria has a license. It is only possible to access the complete electronic text if you are using a computer that is situated on one of the campuses of the UAS Upper Austria (Steyr, Linz, Wels, Hagenberg).

Certain publishers enable access to the subscribed titles with a user name and password. If this is the case, you can request the relevant data from your library team. Please bear in mind that it is not permitted to pass on this access information to a third party!