Top positions in the CHE ranking

The degree programmes of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria have taken part in the CHE rankings every year since 2010 and have always received good valuations.

The university ranking of the Centre for University Development (CHE) is the most comprehensive and detailed ranking in the German-speaking  world. More than 300 universities and universities of applied sciences have been assessed. Alongside data about programmes, teaching, equipment and research, the ranking covers evaluations of the conditions for study at each university.

Many different factors influence a student’s choice of university. The choice of the right university, given the great variety of programmes, is particularly difficult for many applicants. Decisive factors for all applicants are the quality of the education, international reputation and good job prospects. The results of the CHE ranking provide a good overview of these factors and promote transparency when comparing the different higher education institutions in Austria and Germany.

All ranking results are online:

CHE-RANKING 2018FH OÖ Campus Hagenberg in the top field in 13 categories

Top marks for care, practical relevance and equipment

The University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria has once again demonstrated its superior quality in computer science education by comparison to other universities in the German-speaking area. In the current CHE ranking, the Faculty of Computer Science, Communication and Media in Hagenberg reached top positions in a total of 13 categories, making it the best-rated university in Austria. Good feedback from its bachelor students was among the decisive factors for this result.

In the ranking of the Center for Higher Education Development (CHE), the computer science degree programs in Hagenberg excelled in terms of mentoring by tutors, support at the beginning of studies as well as provision of the prerequisites students need to finish their Bachelor's and Master's degrees within a reasonable timeframe.

Hagenberg´s bachelor students also gave their institution top grades for mentoring by teachers, a realistic framework for studying, support during their studies, professional and practical relevance as well as exams. In addition, they ranked the library, IT equipment and premises at the top.

"The results confirm that in Hagenberg, we successfully manage to guide and support students and to lay the foundations for their professional careers - hand in hand with future employers - from the very start of their undergraduate studies," says delighted faculty dean Berthold Kerschbaumer.

The results of the ranking can be viewed at