Compliance is an integral part of the core values of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austrian and serves to prevent and avoid any misconduct in all areas of performance, in particular in the areas of social and societal responsibility, ethical behaviour in teaching and research as well as economic/commercial activities.

The University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria as an institution and all its members are committed to integrity, professionalism, fairness, reliability and respect in all their actions. All members of the university therefore follow the mission statement, the 10 guiding principles and the university's compliance guidelines in teaching, research and all other university performance areas.

Work and decision-making processes are aligned with the principles of legality, efficiency, expediency, economy and transparency.

A Compliance Officer has therefore been appointed for the reliable regular monitoring of compliance and compliance behaviour.

The tasks include:

  • the establishment of control mechanisms with which violations of the rules can be identified and sanctioned,
  • the regular review of processes with regard to compliance with relevant laws and regulations
  • the ongoing adaptation of the system of rules and values and corresponding guidelines to enable compliance
  • the communication, information and sensitization of all university members with regard to external and internal rules and regulations,
  • the planning of appropriate training measures.

Taking action instead of remaining silent – working together for social responsibility
In accordance with this motto, the OÖ Landesholding GmbH provides a whistleblower system ( for responsible and fair cooperation, which is intended to enable people to point out violations of laws etc. on selected key issues. Compliance with applicable laws and internal guidelines as well as the resulting lawful conduct and integrity are of the utmost importance to the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria as part of the OÖ Landesholding GmbH group.


The Compliance Officer is:

Mag. Franz Guttmann

+43 5 0804 33040
+43 5 0804 933040