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Doctorate after studying at the University of Applied Sciences: David Fürst is doing research into surgery simulators

David Fürst completed his studies in Medical Engineering at the FH Oberösterreich in the year 2010 and immediately started studying for a doctorate in medical science at the PMU in Salzburg. In the context of his employment as a research associate in the Department of Medical Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences, he was able to optimize his work on his dissertation topic – development of a new simulator for minimally invasive spinal surgery - and complete it successfully in January 2016.

As a member of the research group, ReSSL David Fürst is currently researching the new and further development of hybrid simulators among other things. “Hybrid simulators combine the advantages of model based simulators and pure virtual reality systems”, explains the medical engineer. Via a high degree of reality such simulators make it possible for essential surgical skills to be learnt in a safe environment.

It is primarily the application of the latest technologies in the field of surgery that fascinates Fürst: “modern technology in surgery has led to an increase in patient safety. It is precisely this that realistic simulators aim to achieve“

Simulators for a wide range of clinical applications will be shown during the Long Night of Research on 22 April. Immerse yourself in the world of a surgeon and convince yourself of the benefits of hybrid simulators.



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