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On the Trail of Nobel: Internship in Medical Engineering at the World-Famous Karolinska Institute

Sweden's flagship medical university is a first-class address for the professional internship that is obligatory in FH Upper Austria studies. "Doing the internship abroad has always been a big wish of mine, to get to know another country and not just on vacation, but over a longer period of time. Then to get the opportunity to do research at Karolinska Institutet - one of the most renowned medical universities in Europe - was beyond my imagination," says Theresa Rohrmoser enthusiastically.
The medical engineering student in her fifth bachelor's semester lived in Stockholm for just under five months. She pursued her work at SciLifeLab (Science for Life Laboratory) - one of the largest molecular biology research laboratories in Europe - in the field of biophysics. "A particular highlight for me was that I was on the scene during Nobel Prize week, which allowed me to engage much more intensively with this award ceremony. You don't often have the opportunity to hear lectures by Nobel Prize winners," sums up the aspiring medical engineer.
She will "definitely live off this stay abroad for a long time," because you can take a lot with you for life, get to know many interesting and wonderful people, learn a lot about the country and its traditions, and also a lot about yourself.