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Need some help?

Dear students,

Above all, studying means to gain new experiences, to meet new people and to get a certain degree of freedom and independence. However, studying can also mean to have difficulty coping with the unfamiliar and to experience emotions of loneliness, doubt and pressure. To help in such situations, we have attached a leaflet that provides you with relevant contacts and information.

Below you can find three major contact points:

ÖH-Helpline: Tel: 01/585 33 33


In the event of excessive demand, psychological complaints or organizational and financial issues – advice given by trained psychotherapists

Hotline for Crisis Support: Tel: 0723/2177


In the event of immediate crisis and for suicide prevention

FH OÖ internal support


In the event of internal problems that do not relate to organizational issues of the study program but to emotional challenges with teachers, staff and students.  

Further, we would like to point out that each school has persons of trust that help you with issues of fairness. These persons are also members of the gender and diversity management conference and can be found here: https://www.fh-ooe.at/gender-diversity/team/

With best regards,

your Gender and Diversity Management team