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Mail From the Exchange Semester in Helsinki

Taking a Sauna at Helsinki Harbour

A field report by social work students Melanie Gusenbauer and Nicole Zeman that makes you want to know more: "We have been in Finland for over two months now and are studying at Laurea University in Helsinki. We have made very good experiences with the professors at Laurea University, as they are very helpful. Since we have been learning along from the beginning, the semester was easy to manage.

Time has flown by as we have had new adventures almost every day since we arrived. We visited national parks where we barbecued over open fires, encountered reindeer in Lapland and were lucky enough to see the Northern Lights in their full glory. It is also easy to travel by train, bus or ferry. There are also very beautiful places to discover around the city of Helsinki.

Helsinki is a exciting and beautiful city with a cosy harbour where you can take a sauna or enjoy long walks by the sea. Above all, the city is very well equipped with public transport. It is especially nice to meet new people from all over the world and to broaden your horizons. We were able to develop a lot personally and learn a lot of new things about ourselves. It's also nice to immerse ourselves in a new culture and learn a new language.

Since our arrival, our English skills have also improved visibly, and the lessons are very exciting. The focus is on sustainability, mental health and multicultural social work. It is also very interesting to exchange about social work with people from different countries.

We are very happy about this great experience abroad!"