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Paralympics Medalist is Supported by FH Upper Austria Sports Team

Florian Brungraber Won Silver in Triathlon in Tokyo

In addition to their own performance, top athletes need two things in particular to be successful: financial resources and support from science and technology. Paralympics silver medalist Florian Brungraber has now found a partner for both in FH Upper Austria.

"As a technician, I am very interested in the physical phenomena related to my sport" explains Florian Brungraber, who sees a biomechanical analysis of movements in particular as a useful support for his sport through medical technology. "There is still room for improvement in the points of force application from the body to the handbike and to the racing wheelchair. This is where medical technology can help." He says it's also important to keep friction and energy loss as low as possible.

Prof. Dr. Martin Zauner, head of the Department of Medical Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria in Linz, sees great potential for applications in sports as well in the rapid further development of his field: "In the past, medical technology products were usually found in hospitals. Today, many technologies are also used in other areas. One example is biosignal measurement. Athletes can use it to determine various parameters for their training on their own - as is the case with Florian Brungraber." Both in applied research and in practical tasks for his students, strategic partnerships with sports therefore make sense for Zauner.

"Perseverance impressive"

Dr. Christian Schweighofer, who heads the FH Upper Austria sports team in addition to the legal department, was impressed by Florian Brungraber's "perseverance and focus" from the initial contact. The sponsorship was the logical consequence. Brungraber is the third top athlete to receive sponsorship from the FH Upper Austria sports team. Primarily the sport team is obligated to the "company sport", and has its emphasis with the triathlon and running. In addition to Schweighofer, Sandra Ohler, a trained triathlon coach, works here. More than 15 sports courses are aimed at the fitness and health of employees and students. With the sports team, Christian Schweighofer also wants to send a general signal for the importance of sports and exercise at the Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences and in society: "An athlete like Florian Brungraber, who did not let a fateful accident stop him from doing sports, is a special role model for this.