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A Successful Year in Research

Record order volume of 40.1 million euros in Research & Development at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

In the research year 2020, FH OÖ Research & Development Ltd. was able to maintain its revenue at 20.27 million euros and set new records with a volume of 40.1 million euros. Numerous research projects have once again been launched with the support of the EU, the federal government and the state of Upper Austria. 

In 2020, scientists from various disciplines conducted research in 557 projects, of which 96 were newly launched. 502 scientific papers were published in international journals, books or at scientific conferences. These research achievements are primarily due to the intensive work of the researchers at the 10 Centres of Excellence and Focal Areas at University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. Around 600 companies and institutions from business and society benefit from this research output and the know-how of the FH Upper Austria.

"The University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria has been an important partner in establishing Upper Austria as a business location for over two decades. With its research, it makes an important contribution to the further development and strengthening of the research landscape and contributes significantly to the achievement of the strategic economic and research goals," says the regional minister for Economic Affairs and Research, Markus Achleitner, who is convinced of the importance of the FH Upper Austria. 

With its own "Vision and Strategy 2030", the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria is laying the foundation for its repositioning in research, studies and teaching and at the same time is making a significant contribution to achieving the goals of the defined fields of action of the Upper Austrian economic and research strategy #upperVISION2030. 
Around 245 professors together with 255 R&D employees (full-time equivalent) are conducting research in various research projects at the cutting edge of technology and are thus working towards the fulfilment of these strategic goals. 
With an R&D turnover of 20.27 million euros and a volume of 40.1 million euros in 2020, the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences is Austria's most research-intensive university of applied sciences, and remains the leader in the German-speaking world. 
"With these research achievements, which are all the more remarkable in these times of crisis, FH Upper Austria shows that it is a major player in the research landscape and that its researchers are doing great work together with countless project partners," says Johann Kastner, Vice President for Research and Development at FH Upper Austria. 

Applied research at the six Centres of Excellence and four Focal Areas of the FH Upper Austria

The research fields and expertise at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria are strategically anchored in the cross-faculty, multidisciplinary Centres of Excellence and Focal Areas. Research and development is being carried out in the areas of smart production, energy, medical technology, food technology and nutrition, automotive/mobility, logistics, materials, ICT - information & communication technology, digital transformation and social innovation.

Gerald Reisinger, President of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, explains the research activities of the University, which create sustainable benefits and added value for the region and society:
 "Top-class researchers, cross-location and interdisciplinary cooperation, lively publication activity and projects of excellence in applied research and development on the topics of tomorrow are what distinguish the Centres of Excellence." 

The existing research activities are constantly being further developed. The examination of the most diverse needs of the various cooperation partners is being continued in order to find tailor-made solutions for the most diverse problems. In order to be able to recognise current and future needs, the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria is committed to professional action. Thus, based on the current state of science and technology and with available technologies, research results can be achieved both responsibly and sustainably.

Enquiries: FH Prof. PD DI Dr. Johann Kastner, FH OÖ Forschungs & Entwicklungs GmbH, Tel.: +43 5 0804 14110, E-Mail: johann.kastner@fh-ooe.at



Markus Achleitner Minister of Economy of Upper Austria in front of Hagenberg Campus