FH Upper AustriaUniversity of Applied Sciences

Benefits at the FH OÖ What we stand for

Loyalty and Security

Even in times of uncertainty your job at the FH OÖ is crisis-resistant. We place the human factor in the center of our philosophy and therefore we do not believe in “Hire and Fire” – quite on the contrary: The loyalty and experience of our employees is seen as our most valuable resource!

Variety and Flexibility

With a job at the FH OÖ it is never boring! Diverse and exciting tasks with plenty of flexibility and freedom of design, respect for each other as well as international flair, state of the art equipped workplaces and a dynamic work environment amidst awesome colleagues - this is what you will experience at the FH OÖ.                                                                                      

Family and Career

Modern working-time models with flexible time options, an individual parental leave management, nursing leave or continuous advancement of the FH OÖ with new job profiles – at our university nobody needs to decide between job and family! This is even certified: by the authorities! Audit Hochschule und Familie

Diversity and Tolerance

We see diversity as a treasured resource and it is encouraged by numerous projects and events – e.g. our annual Diversity Day. Mutual respect, appreciation ant tolerance are not only empty phrases to us but practiced reality. Gender-Diversity

In-service Training and Development

As the biggest University of Applied Sciences in Austria we don´t only offer our students excellent education but also focus on the development and support of our personnel. Either the opportunity of educational leave or part- time models for further education within our internal in-service training program or the FH OÖ post graduate program for doctoral students or a specific career model in the field of R&D – we offer many opportunities to gain knowledge and to pursue a career. More

Solidarity and Appreciation

Become part of our huge family! Our corporate culture is characterized by mutual appreciation, solidarity and a sense of community. We love to work in teams and we also celebrate our achievements together, e.g. at our annual Get Together, common hiking- and skiing events or just simply over a glass of wine in a pleasant atmosphere!

Work for both - the Young and the Elderly

Too old for the job market? – Not with us! Flexible working time, part time models or measures for health promotion – we do our utmost to keep our staff fit. Health, fun and enthusiasm for work as well as a proper dose of curiosity - we count on employees with experience!


Attractive Social Benefits

A job at the FH OÖ comes with a lot of extras: lunch allowances, anniversary bonuses, an additional recovery break during working time, allowances for transportation , child care, dentures and many financial benefits with our numerous partner companies – these are just a few samples of the possibilities provided!