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In-service Training at the FH OÖ Individual, varied, future-oriented

As the biggest University of Applied Sciences in Austria we don´t only offer our students excellent education but also focus on the development and support of our personnel. We offer a wide range of internal and external development measures - amongst other topics are didactics for universities, personal development, project – and office management and leadership competence. The career pathway is clearly defined and transparent.

We offer many opportunities to gain knowledge and to pursue a career at the FH OÖ.

Internal Qualification Offer

Every year the FH OÖ develops a varied internal qualification offer for employees. Amongst trainings in the field of didactics, personal development, international matters, etc. we offer a comprehensive training for project management.

External Further Education

Besides numerous internal options for further education we offer an opportunity for gaining special know-how in external seminars.

Individual Coaching

The FH OÖ offers individual and group coaching for developing special skills – either professionally or personally. Among these offers are also seminars for studying different languages.

Trainings for Project Management

These trainings aim at executives, project leaders, staff involved in projects of the FH OÖ.

In several modules participants will learn about basic methods and instruments for project management as well as about important principles for establishing a solid project culture.


The focus is on efficient and professional implementation of projects – always taking corporate and FH OÖ practice into account.

After completion of this training course there is the opportunity of an IPMA certification.


Trainings for Executives

This offer, which is conducted in several modules, aims especially at executives of the FH OÖ to gain competences and methods for professionalizing their own employee management skills:

  • For developing your team and your employees further.
  • For developing those competences which are essential for your role as a leader.
  • For analyzing your own behavior patterns and experiencing methods for self-management.
  • For motivating your team even in challenging situations.

Success for Talented Women at the FH OÖ

With this series of events we want to make the achievements and talents of our FH OÖ women visible and to enhance our female network by learning from each other and taking different perspectives.

Part- time Study Program

As biggest University of Applied Sciences we obviously support our employees if they want to accomplish a part-time study program beside their job.

Apprenticeship plus Higher School Certificate

We strongly focus on supporting our apprentices in different ways. Among other further education models we give them the opportunity of a dual education: apprenticeship plus higher school certificate.

For further information on apprentice training please visit: here

Especially for our employees in lecturing and R&D we offer the following opportunities for their further education:

Graduation College for Doctoral Students

The graduation college is an initiative of the FH OÖ for targeted promotion of our scientific personnel in the departments of Research & Development and our full-time lecturers without a doctorate.

Young colleagues who write their doctoral thesis at a university get the chance to participate in special in-service trainings for free. The range of seminars focuses mainly on imparting of complimentary know-how in the fields of “Didactic Competences”, “Scientific Writing” and “Social -and Management Competences”.


As participant of the graduation college you get the following benefits:

  • You have the opportunity of applying for a subsidy for your doctorate project.
  • Access to lecturing activities can be possible by holding teaching events.
  • You receive free offers for further education models to the extent of 60 teaching units. One third of this amount can be used for individual further education models or for attending conferences.

R&D Career Paths

The field R&D of the FH OÖ offers diverse career opportunities: Employees of R&D can work on a special project for some months or pursue long-term perspectives. Doctoral studies will be supported in the same way as other paths of further qualification as well as lecturing.


However, a career as a scientific assistant -from intern to R&D project leader (Research Project Manager) and senior research expert- is typical. On this basis a career as an FH- professor is also possible.

Please find further information here

Expert Panel for Didactics for Universities

This series of events is especially aimed at lecturers and makes current didactic topics at universities subject of discussion.

After a professional input the panel offers interested people the opportunity to exchange and discuss innovative teaching and learning methods and to do some networking in a relaxed atmosphere.

Please find further information on our website.

The Day of Teaching

This event for lecturers, students and representatives of all Austrian universities is an annual meeting and focuses on lecturing at universities.

Please find further information on our website.