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Ransomware, Crypto-Trojan

Despite a lot of improvements the problem crypto-trojan remains a current topic at the FH Upper Austria. 

Detailed information and hints for your support have already been sent to all employees of the FH Upper Austria (E-mail from 18 Feb. 2016) and they are still valid.

The last few incidents showed that the attackers still try to force users to open infected attachments or links.

As we cannot guarantee a full technical protection we urgently recommend you to be careful and sceptical about e-mails like orders, confirmations, invoices, delivery notifications, letters of application and in different file types (Word, Excel, PDF, ZIP, etc.). Both ways are common – attachment or link.

BEFORE opening e-mails you should always ask yourself:

1.)    Do I know the sender and does it seem to be logic?

2.)    Do I expect information from this sender?

3.)    Does the first impression of the e-mail seem plausible?

In case of any doubt or suspicious reactions of your PC please contact our IT-helpdesk immediately (Ext: 15000, e-mail: helpdesk@fh-ooe.at)

Finally, please note that critical corporate data always have to be stored on our corporate file shares (NOT local, for example C:\) because only then we can recover your data.

If you have further questions please feel free to call or send an e-mail. (Ext: 15000, e-mail: helpdesk@fh-ooe.at)

Your IT-Team - FH Upper Austria