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How does it work? Eduroam

All you need is a WLAN-Device, which supports WPA2-Encryption and an active useraccount.

User account:

Append @fh-ooe.at to your user account to make a unique allocation to our organisation.

e.g. s1234567890@fh-ooe.at  or  p12345@fh-ooe.at. (Attention! This is not an email address!)


The password is your own normal user password, used for Webmail, Levis, etc.

For security reasons only WPA2-Encryption is supported. Old devices, which supports only WEP or WPA1 cannot be used for Eduroam.


Right Wrong
S1234567890@fh-ooe.at S1234567890@students.fh-hagenberg.at
S1234567890@fh-ooe.at S1234567890@steyr.fhooe.at
P12345@fh-ooe.at P12345@fh-wels.at

Where does it work?

Organisations in Austria, Europe, Canada, USA, Asia and Australia  take part in Eduroam.

Please inform yourself before your journey about the organisation at your Destination!