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EduroamOpen your device and be online

Eduroam stands for EDUcation ROAMing and realises this motto with a federation of organisations to offer Internet access through Wireless LAN all over Europe and beyond to each member at their own Location.

This means:

  • Your Account-Access not only works in the Eduroam-Network of the UASUA = University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria (Linz, Wels, Steyr, Hagenberg) but also in every Eduroam-Network of all Eduroam-Members (e.g. JKU at Linz, University of Vienna, TU Munich or at the Harvard University in the USA).
  • Also the loginname is valid for another member of participanting organisation works in the Eduroam-Network of UASUA.

WARNING: It is recommended to activate the identity of the receiver (=radius01.fh-ooe.at) and the certification control on the end device, so that a secure transfer of your user data is guaranteed.

For an automatic and secure configuration of your end device you can also use: Eduroam-CAT (Configuration Assistent Tools)